Joel helps city escapees with a microcamping

Why are you renting out your garden?

It is so simple to rent out your garden; I don’t understand that not more people do it. I am in a house in a beautiful location. I am always on vacation when I am at home. Why would I keep all that beauty to myself? My Campspace borders a dike. People think it’s crazy when they notice that there is not water, but farmland behind it. I like to share it with others. You don’t have a disco or bingo here. You really come here for your rest. Many guests also find it interesting that chickens roam around and that they can eat a fresh egg in the morning. For them, that completes the outdoor feeling. I would like to offer a holiday spot for people who have been inside for weeks.

I would like to offer a holiday spot to people who have been inside for weeks.

How long have you been welcoming people to your backyard?

Phew, I have been receiving people through different platforms for years. Recently a lady from the city came to stay. She wanted to escape the crowds and came to me on her motorbike. She read a book from my second-hand bookshop and had a good rest before returning to the city.

How did you arrange sanitary facilities?

I have a separate shower and toilet for my guests. That is really nice. Incidentally, there are also many other options, for example a shower bag that you can hang on a tree, or you can make a simple compost toilet in your garden.

The nice thing about receiving campers is that you can have contact, but still maintain your own privacy.

What do you like about receiving campers?

That most people are totally surprised when they arrive here. They are in holiday mode and that immediately gives me the feeling that I am on vacation as well. Recently a children’s book writer stayed with me. He spent all day typing on his laptop in the garden. The nice thing about receiving campers is that you can have contact, but you also have some privacy. They go about their business and don’t walk around your house. Of course it is nice to have a chat with them. Recently I had campers in the garden who ordered pizzas and asked if I wanted to eat with them. These are nice, spontaneous encounters.

How do you experience the contact with Campspace?

Very, very positive. I can always call; and if I email I have a quick response. Scout Bianca and trainee Erik from the Campspace team have also come camping already. There is a lot of personal contact and the team took beautiful photos and a vlog of my place for free.

Start a micro camping yourself

Do you have a piece of land, a big garden, or a minicamping? Then start renting out via Campspace. The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Renting out is 100% free (as a host you don’t pay commission or any other       costs)
  • We take photos of your place for free in exchange for an overnight stay
  • You determine your own price, availability, and rules
  • The Campspace community is respectful of people & nature

More information about renting out

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