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How does hosting on Campspace work?

It’s our mission at Campspace to create cool small campsites around the world. Whether you own a piece of land that fits a tent, or you own a cabin, a yurt or a threehouse where people can spend the night; you are welcome at Campspace!

Your guests safely pay and book through our platform. You are free to set your own price and you get to keep 100% of your guests payment.

How do I know my land is fit?

Anyone who own’s a piece of land small enough to pitch a tent can host on Campspace. Whether you own a small backyard in a city, or you have thousands of acres in the country; you are fit to host on our platform.

Campspace attracts a variety of campers. From back to basic minded people, to the ones that prefer glamping full of luxury. Your space might just be what they are looking for!

It only takes a minute.

Listing your property on Campspace is free, easy and only takes a minute. Click the registration below to start the process. Because the nr. 1. decision tool for guests is photography, make sure to take some pictures of your property before you start.

Need help completing your free listing? Our support team is happy to help you. Simply send an e-mail to

Free photography 
and tent rental services.

How you present your space is key for campers to determine if they want to visit your Campspace. To help you create the best possible listing we offer free photography and a first review by our Scouts plus the option to rent on site accomodation for the season through our Campspace Host Plan.

Hosts that have joined our Campspace Host Plan make up to €90 per night.

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