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Micro camping on the edge of a Dark Sky Park Warffum, Groningen

When people from the city arrive here and get out of the car [to illustrate, Frits takes a deep breath through his nose] they are overdosing on oxygen.

We want to inspire people by sharing special stories of travelers who travel in their own country. Also we introduce to you hosts who make that possible by inviting people to their Campspaces. This is why we have started the movement #Staylocal together with Columbus Travel Magazine and Honeyguide. For more information, check out our #Staylocal website.  

“When people from the city arrive here and get out of the car [to illustrate, Frits takes a deep breath through his nose] they are overdosing on oxygen.”

 “Because of the clean air and tranquillity, people are open as it were. They de-stress. Normally we are all working hard. When it is finally weekend, we need quality time. In my yard and in the surroundings there is always a place to find that you need at that moment. You can lie in the grass, you can sit under a tree, you can take the bikes and cycle to the mudflats, you can pick your own vegetables from garden, you can sit in the attic window with a book. When I come home from work I only see happy faces. My brother, who lives in Australia, suggested that I rename my Campspace to corroboree.  A corroboree is a place where Aboriginals traditionally gather to dance and tell stories. So a meeting place. As mentioned, my Campspace is close to the Wadden Sea  the largest beach in Europe  and next to the Dark Sky Park. As soon as it is dark, a world opens up for you. This is because there is hardly any light pollution in this sparsely populated area. You can see the Milky Way, Orion, and many other stars. It is so clear, it looks like a 3D starry sky.”

 Frits has his own construction company and therefore travels throughout the country. He specialises in ecological, organic materials such as loam and straw.  He loves to come home after a long week and chat with his guests.

 “When people from the city arrive here and get out of the car, they get an overdose of oxygen.”


When Frits needs a moment of rest, he settles at the dob. This is a small natural pond, dug by the state forest management.

 For a different kind of rest, visit the church in Hornhuizen. You get the key across the street. Admire the clockwork and enjoy the view from the tower. But the absolute star of this part of Groningen is and remains the Dark Sky Park. No sharp eyes? Then go out with a ranger or borrow the telescope from the Observatory Ulrum. A night walk on the mudflats is completely unforgettable. As soon as the sun rises, you imagine yourself in a living watercolour painting, wadlopen.nl. Also visit visitgroningen.nl

Put a Stay Local adventure at Frits micro camping on your bucket list. Want to read more about our hosts? Check out www.staylocal.nu! 

© Photography Stijn Hoekstra
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