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Micro camping between the wild grass Drouweneerveen, Drenthe

25 years ago I fled from air pollution and moved here. The previous occupant of the farm died at the age of 101. There was no hot water and the fuse box was antique.


We want to inspire people by sharing special stories of travelers who travel in their own country. Also we introduce to you hosts who make that possible by inviting people to their Campspaces. This is why we have started the movement #Staylocal together with Columbus Travel Magazine and Honeyguide. For more information, check out our #Staylocal website.  


“25 years ago I fled from air pollution and moved here. The previous occupant of the farm died at the age of 101. There was no hot water and the fuse box was antique.”


“Since then I have renovated thoroughly. I consider myself an early adopter  I was early with solar panels, vacuum tubes, heat pumps, and water tanks. In the long run I would like to live completely off-grid. In my garden I am currently building a food forest a piece of land with fruit and nut trees. Another project I am working on is a “hugel bed. This is a pit with pruning waste, branches, and compost, covered in soil. The waste in the ground absorbs moisture, so that the substrate remains moist even in the summer. The idea of starting a campsite had been on my mind for some time. But a campsite is too big again and there are all kinds of rules involved. Campspace seemed to be the ideal option in between. I laid paths in the wild grass and cut spots bare for camping. There is nothing else. No traffic, no electricity. It's just pure here, like camping in the wild. What strikes me is that people always want to have something to do. In my view, this is directly opposite to the idea of retreating to nature. This Campspace is intended for people who want to relax privately.”



Robin is a busy bee. When he is not working in his garden, he is devoted to a European NGO that is committed to an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for everyone.


“There is nothing else. No traffic, no electricity.”

Drenthe is more than dolmens.

Do you against Robins advice still want to have something to? Then take a look at the largest radio telescope in the world: LOFAR. There is an information board and you can walk independently along the super mound and antennas. Do you think the Pieterpad is a step to far, but do enjoy walking? Then explore the wilderness of Drenthe around Mantinge. In one small area you will find ancient heaths, fairytale oak forests, extensive shifting sands, rare raised bogs, and hidden fens. End your walk with a lunch or dinner in the Voscheheugte, an eatery. For insight into a unique piece of history you can drive to Veenhuizen. This forced colony used to house paupers, who were sent there to relieve the cities and build a better life. The facades have inscriptions such as Order and Discipline and Work and Pray”.

Put a Stay Local adventure at Robin’s micro camping on your bucket list.

© Photography Stijn Hoekstra


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