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Reconnect Outside
Green Camping

Green Camping

Do you want a green camping experience? Below are a list of sustainable campspaces where you can enjoy your holiday all while being environmentally friendly!

Green camping

What is green camping? It’s camping while minimizing harm towards the environment and making more conscious decisions. If you are interested in the idea and would like to know more, we have written an article about green travelling and where you can go! 

At Campspace, our mission is to reconnect outside, and we want to provide travellers with the opportunity to go on more local adventures and relaxing holidays while minimizing our carbon footprint! Eco-toilets, compost, local services, no electric heating or hot water are things you can consider when green camping! 

Of course, by choosing Campspace you already choosing green travelling compared to taking a flight abroad, but there are always ways to improve and positively impact your life, and others’ lives! 

Green activities

One of the best part of green camping is that most outdoor camping activities are already sustainable! This is because activities such as kayaking, biking, hiking, rowing, and fishing all require human-strength and no external energy or resources! This is a great way to have fun and improve your physical well-being. 

Cycle through the forest and zoom past the tall trees waving in the wind. Feel the cool breeze on your face and breathe in the crisp and clean air. Go hiking up a mountain and feel rewarded as you reach the top! Soak in the incredible view, no matter what the scenery it is. Perhaps go fishing and even catch your own dinner! Sustainable and fun. 

Another great activity is experimenting with camping cuisine. Challenge yourself to plant-rich meals and buy local produce from local farmers or stores! Local and fresh, farmers vegetables and fruits taste so much better than any chain store can provide. If you need inspiration, we have created a some easy camping meal dinner ideas!


So don’t wait! Your green camping experiences are just around the corner!

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