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Top 5 Green Destinations in Europe

Top 5 Green Destinations in Europe

Are you into sustainability? Then you probably want to keep that in mind while traveling too. If you visit these green destinations you are on the right track!

“Green”, a color and a symbol for multiple things in our lives. From wealth to freshness, a positive change, to proceed or keep going, nature, luck, and more. In case of green desitantions it means destinations that are trying their best to be as sustainable as possible. Often when you look up these lists, you get an overview of green countries, but we are going to take it a bit more into detail. 

Green Decisions

Before we move on to the list with green destinations, we want to provide you with a view tips that make your trip a bit more sustainable too. The best thing you can do, is avoiding traveling by plane. Instead rent an electric car or go by public transport. In for an adventure? Try hitchhiking, it's not only saving you on fuel, it's a fun way to get in contact with strangers too! Besided it is in the things you bring and the things you do. If you are new into this, we suggest you reading our article about how to be a sustainable traveler. do these things already make sense to you? Try these 10 eco-friendly travel tips! What also helps in traveling more sustainable is slow travel. No rush, just take your time to explore. 

Campspace Green Destinations

Green Destinations

Now move on to our favourite green destinations. It's good to know that all our hosts are practicing sustainability in some way, however, we want to bring light to five in particular that are working on providing a green destination.

1. Machynlleth, UK (Wales)

Eco Retreats offers holidays in a teepee or yurt. In this way you can escape from the pressures of modern life. The Campspace is located in a breathtakingly beautiful valley in the heart of on of UKs largest forests: Dyfi Forest. Take your time, unwind, enjoy the tranquillity of the natural surroundings, far removed from the outside world.

2. Tjalleberd, NL

Another green destination is Nelleke’s campspace with pigs, chickens and strawberries. Sleeping in their food forest, using their compost toilet, and outdoor water tap is a very green experience. Food forests are what can sustain individuals throughout a season based on what types of fruits and vegetables they grow! Food forests also encourage healthy ecosystems, giving back to the environment. Activities such as swimming, biking in various locations are possible around the area. Eating vegetables and strawberries from May to September is also welcome. You can visit her campspace here!

3. Ternat, BE

A farm located at the end of a dead-end gravel road at the edge of the forest, is surrounded by flowers, fruit trees, sheep, chickens, owls, roe deer and more. Camping in Frank’s garden is a green destination you must add to your list. A ballroom is also present where sustainable dance parties are held when camping people are not present is also a unique experience! In addition to a regular bathroom, there is also an eco dry toilet. 

If you wish to use extra utilities such as electricity or the pop kitchen, you must pay extra. Frank also encourages travelers to sort and take your waste with you due to the ecological focused environment. You can visit his campspace here!

4. Saint-Priest-Les-Fougères, FR

Set up your tent in the middle of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin in France. They pay a lot of attention to nature, the animals that live on the campspace and their conservation. Their believe is that responsible living is an obligation for everyone, but it always starts with yourself! One thing is to go on holiday in a climate-friendly way and on their site you are good to go! You have to be self-sufficient in everything when you are going here, but they can provide you clean water. 

5. Ourique, PT

This is place in Portugal is a very quiet place, without cars and without electricity. There are two wells with water that can be use to bathe and a stream that has running water until June. The landscape is typical for the south of Portugal. They live with respect and in harmony with Nature, they ask that from their guests too. If you want you can join their meals, which are always vegetarian. 

What's your favourite green destination?

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