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Find a Campsite UK

Find a Campsite UK

Want to find a campsite in the UK? At campspace, there are various options ranging from glamping to bamping!

Find a campsite UK

While England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are known for its amazing cities, the countries also offer a few of the world’s most incredible and unique natural and cultural experiences, as separate countries, as well as a unit. Surrounded by water, if you love beaches, find a campsite and enjoy a relaxing getaway. 

The UK is so naturally diverse, you need multiple trips to truly explore and experience the beauty of the giant island(s). If you appreciate mountainous sceneries, rugged coastlines, and beautiful lochs, Scotland may be where you should camp for a weekend. Perhaps head over to feel the sun and let the wind blow on your face in Northern Ireland while you explore the famous Giant’s Causeway and other natural wonders! Stay at a campspace where you can hike to a waterfall and appreciate the clear waters.

Go wildlife watching in incredible Wales! There is a cute little puffin to giant porpoises, so you can tick off those animals on your wildlife animal list. You can also find sweet alpine strawberries, all while frolicking in the meadows. Our hosts are excited to welcome you and give you advice on what activities to do in the area. Last but not least, England, known for its charming old towns and old history, is a must-visit. Explore the English farms and perhaps go farm glamping in one!

Road trip in the UK

So, your camping options are endless. Pick the type of nature experience you want, or perhaps pick your campsite based on the distance from your home. The closer it is, the more sustainable. Either way, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday!

So there you have it. The UK is simply too diverse and big for you to only book one campspace. Enjoy all the camping pitches in the UK throughout the year. Want to go on a road trip in the south Uk in England? Check out the road trip in the UK itinerary, you simply have to book multiple campsites in the UK to get the true local experience.

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