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Reconnect Outside
De-stress While Camping in Oost-Vlaanderen

De-stress While Camping in Oost-Vlaanderen

Camping in Oost-Vlaanderen is a great way to disconnect and destress. You can emerge yourself in nature and feel almost alone in the world or you can enjoy a relaxed city-trip. Find your perfect spot for camping in Oost-Vlaanderen and reconnect outside!

East-Flanders is one of Belgium’s 10 charming provinces. It lies in the northern half of Belgium and is part of the Dutch-speaking Flanders region. The province has a lot of beautiful and varied nature that you can explore in many different ways, but what better way to explore nature than by camping in Oost-Vlaanderen. From East-Flanders you also have easy access to Antwerp and Brussels just across the border, so you can really have the best of both worlds! 

Find Your Perfect Campsite in Oost-Vlaander

East-Flanders is a beautiful hidden gem for nature lovers with many beautiful nature reserves and what better way to discover the gorgeous sights nature has to offer than by camping in Oost-Vlaanderen? It is the perfect place to take a digital detox or leave the day-to-day stress behind. You can reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and nature! So bring your hiking boots or bike and find a campsite in Oost-Vlaander that will help you get back down to earth and relax. You can just kick back and relax at the camp space or ask your host for recommendations about what to do in the area - who will know better? We have made a list of some top notch camp spaces, but there are many more great ones so pick out the one that is perfect for your needs! 

1. Campsite Treck Hostel 

Have you ever gone camping inside? You can now! In Ghent (the capital of East-Flanders province) there is a large building full of caravans, tents and dorms that you can stay in. You can also bring your own tent and pitch that under their roof! What a fun way to combine camping with a city trip! Indoor camping is suitable for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are riding solo, on a family trip or away with friends - you can find your perfect indoor campsite in Ghent

2. Campsite Summer Wiglo 

Do you know what a wiglo is? And did you know you can camp in one? A wiglo is a willow hut made from willow branches that are still growing. The branches are formed to make a hut that you can sleep in! How unique is that! What better way to reconnect with nature than by sleeping in a wiglo? As it is made from branches this is something to be experienced on a sunny summer day, if you don’t want to get wet or cold. So when you need a summer getaway from the daily stress then this is perfect for you! Come alone, with your partner, a small group of friends or your family and get a great outdoor experience!

3. Campsite BEE

Is a large ecological garden camping more your style? What is more relaxing than being in an orchard surrounded by fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a pond and a wild flower meadow? This is a pollinator's true paradise! You can also expect to wake up to the sound of chickens clucking, a goat bleating and grassing with a neighing pony. You might also get a visit from a couple of cats and a dog. If you love animals this is definitely a spot for you! But this campsite in Oost-Vlaander has a lot more than just animals. You can have the most relaxing tournament of petanque, foosball, dart or Kubb right here! There are also several nature reserves around so this is also the perfect base for hiking and biking trips - also mountain biking! 

4. Campsite Green Flemish Ardennes 

A peaceful, beautiful camping spot in Flemish Ardennes - does that sound like something for you? You will be camping in an abundance of greenery - in the summer season at least. You will be able to enjoy the peaceful feeling of sitting in a garden amidst an orchard and a picking- and vegetable garden. If you need to destress and want to return home completely zen, then this is the perfect spot for you! This is also a great base from which you can explore the area of Flemish-Ardennes as every corner of the region can be reached from here! There is also a pizza oven for you to make the delicious homemade pizza! 

5. Campsite Floritory 

Do you just love those quaint and unique little experiences that you barely even know you could have? Well, here is one for you! Camp in a large meadow at a floriculture conservatory. You can explore the conservatory on your own or maybe even get a private tour and learn all about flowers. It will be a brand new world opening up to you! This is the perfect campsite for garden enthusiasts. Even if you don’t have green fingers then you can still experience the lovely conservatory and maybe leave with some inspiration.

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