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Campsites with Swimming Pools

Campsites with Swimming Pools

Looking for campsites with swimming pools? Below is a list of campspaces for you to enjoy a refreshing camping experience!

Campsites with Swimming Pools

Camping with pool near me

Do you simply want to go camping and enjoy the luxury of jumping in a pool after a long day? Perhaps you want to go glamping, or maybe you want to pitch your own tent but still have access to swimming opportunities. Well, luckily for you, some of our hosts have pools for you to enjoy! 

A swimming pool does not have to be the standard blue tiled pool, it can also be natural! A well maintained natural pool or a pond is just as great for a quick dip!

Imagine waking up early in the morning and taking a dip to start your day fresh. Feel the cool water on your skin, but warm up as you take a few laps and enjoy the sun rising. Then, make a delicious campfire breakfast meal to energize yourself! Get the proper nutrients you need to enjoy a long day out in nature. If you’re not a morning person, imagine a midnight dip in the pool for the ultimate stargazing experience. But honestly, the pool isn’t going anywhere, so you can dive into any time during the day as many times as you like! 

Choosing campsites that have pools is probably a great choice if you have kids as well! Your children can play and swim for hours, while you might enjoy reading and cracking open a bear for yourself.

Camping activities

Let’s talk about activities you can do in the pool once you’ve arrived at your campspace. 

Pool volleyball, Marco Polo, or scavenger hunts are a few examples of games you can do in the pool. However, each pool is different, so make sure your games are safe! Your hosts may have some rules to advise for safety as well. You can always bring some pool rings and float in the sun too! 

And while having access to a pool is nice, don’t forget to explore and appreciate the nature around you as well! Go hiking, biking, or foraging! Collect wild edible plants in a basket and make your own salad! 

At a campspace, you’ll make so many memories. So what are you waiting for? Your camping with swimming opportunities are just around the corner!

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