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Camping in the orchard

Camping in the orchard

In the middle of the farmland of the Achterhoek in the Netherlands, you will find the campspace of Iris. A small orchard in which you are allowed to camp in between the fruit trees.

In the middle of the farmland of the Achterhoek in the Netherlands, you will find the campspace of Iris. A small orchard in which you are allowed to camp in between the fruit trees. The campspace feels cozy, which is a big contrast with the open farmland in the area. Next to camping, you can also buy delicious regional products in the farm shop at Iris’ her campspace!

My name is Miranda. I’m a huge camping fanatic, and I love old caravans and camper vans. My huge passion for camping makes that I go camping every two months, regardless of the season. I’m always looking for freedom and beautiful camping spots. During this search I find lovely campspaces which I will share with you.

Photo by Tim Franssen

The campspace host

Our host of this beautiful campspace is Iris. She is full of enthusiasm and passion about nature and the farm. “We are focusing on biodiversity, mixed horticulture and special fruit and vegetable varieties.” This can be seen when you arrive, people are working on the field, and you will find a shop which sells the fruit, vegetables, and sunflowers grown on the farm. Behind the farm and the farm shop, you will find the campspace. Iris started hosting in the orchard in the spring of 2020, the period in which the desire of people for peace and space close to home grew.

This peace and space is something Iris wants to give to all visitors of her campspace. “The orchard is one of the most beautiful places on the farm, I especially enjoy it when the trees are blooming.” She wants to share this with everyone who wants to experience nature. Iris welcomes different kinds of visitors; people using a caravan or camper van, people who are hiking or biking with a tent, people who come alone or together. Also, groups are welcome at Iris her campspace: “As long as you treat nature and the orchard with respect, everyone is welcome.”

Photo by Miranda

The orchard

In the orchard you will find old and rare apple and pear trees. The campspace is spacious. There are three picnic benches scattered through the orchard, which are the three places you can book via the campspace website. Although the picnic benches mark the camping spots, you are free to pitch your tent wherever you want and choose the spot that you find the most beautiful. The campspace is separated by trees and shrubs from the farmland. On the edge of the campspace you will find a spotters’ cabin looking over the fields. Here you can watch hares and deer during sunset. These hares, but also pheasants, will come up to your tent when you are quiet.

On Iris’ campspace you can experience basic camping. You will find a toilet, which is situated at the front of the farm, and cold running water. When you want to take a shower, you can use the cold water of the outdoor shower. For me, these facilities are more than enough when you are camping in such a nice location. Additionally, you will find a place to make a campfire at every pitch. Having a campfire will add a charming atmosphere and warmth on colder nights. The smell and sound of a crackling fire makes you forget about everyday life for a while.

Having a campfire* is an important part of the nature experience, according to Iris. She has some good memories regarding campfires. “When a festival was canceled, a group of friends was looking for another place to spend their weekend. They ended up at the campspace. They were having a lot of fun around the campfire*, so I joined them to chat. It ended up being 3 o’clock in the night because I was having such a good time. This is one of my favorite memories of hosting the campspace.”

Want some inspiration on campfire* meals? Check out these campfire specials.

Photo by Miranda

The farm shop

Nothing is better than starting the day with freshly baked bread. At the farm shop at Iris’ campspace you can order bread in the evening on weekdays and pick it up the next morning from 9 o’clock. The bread is produced locally, just like the other products that are for sale at the farm shop. When you want something produced even closer to your tent, you can buy the apple juice. This apple juice was made out of apples from the trees under which you are camping. One day a year a special juice press van stops by the farm to produce the juice, so even the juice is made locally.

It is important to Iris that regional products from local entrepreneurs are promoted through the farm shop. “These people often only sell one product, for which it is not feasible to start a shop. We want to bring these products together in our farm shop.” The food which is sold in the farm shop is only transported over a small distance. This makes the impact on the environment smaller. The products from the local entrepreneurs are sold next to the homegrown vegetables, fruit, and sunflowers.

Photo by Miranda
Photo by scout Marjon Visser


Sustainability is an essential topic to Iris. “We practice circular agriculture on the farm, with this we want to be an example to other farmers.” On the farm you will also find bee hives, which help with the pollination of the apple and pear trees. Don’t expect a perfectly mowed lawn to pitch your tent at this campspace. The grass can grow freely here and is typically at knee-height. You will find many wild flowers in the grass and nature can take its course. Next to this, Iris is looking into the possibility of purchasing a small windmill to provide electricity for the farm.

The future

Iris was born and raised on the farm in Toldijk. She is planning to pick up more and more tasks around the farm and take over the business from her parents. With this, Iris also has plans for the future: “I would love to put Bell tents in the orchard, these are furnished tents which the guests can rent.” Next to this, she is thinking about expanding the toilet facilities. One thing is very clear: “I love hosting the campspace and I want to continue doing this for many years. You are very welcome to book your stay!”

For more inspiration, you can follow my camping adventures at @miranda_vdende on Instagram. Feel free to send me pictures of your adventures!

Photo by scout Marjon Visser

* If you decide to light a campfire while at a campspace, please consider its impact on the environment, your own health, and that of other guests.

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