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Attracting domestic travellers to your campspace

Attracting domestic travellers to your campspace

Attracting domestic travellers as a campsite or campspace host can be challenging, so to help you tackle changing demand, here are some tips and tricks to engage your domestic market, which will undoubtedly continue to grow into 2022.

By: Mary Deasy

The impact of Covid travel restrictions has altered traveller behaviours, with clear trends emerging in favour of domestic travel. For private landowners who are accustomed to welcoming guests from all backgrounds, it could be worthwhile thinking about how to best attract domestic tourists with different needs. Here are some tips on how to appeal to travellers from your own country looking to plan their next staycation.

1. Update your profile

Long stay amenities

Whether you’re a private landowner or campsite, updating your profile on all of your online platforms, including your Campspace account or website is important every time you need to shift your focus. Staycations are meant to be opportunities to relax and unwind and may mean that guests will spend more time on your property. For this reason, updating your listing to highlight any facilities and amenities that ensure long-term comfort will make your pitch, cabin or yurt that much more appealing.

    • Think fast wifi, kitchen supplies, laundry facilities, a playset, etc. Anything that will make it easy for potential guests to picture themselves living out their regular life at your campspace.
    •  You can also boost your property’s appeal by repurposing an extra space as an office area to appeal to the crowd that are staying with you as part of a ‘workation’, in other words those who plan to work remotely from your property. Another idea is a community area – create a shared space for games or bonfires to give domestic travellers another reason to leave the comfort of their home.

Covid measures

Hygiene is incredibly important, now more so than ever. Potential guests that are worried about exposure to the coronavirus will be relieved to see that you are taking it seriously at your campspace too. Make sure to emphasise your cleaning methods and other COVID prevention tactics including 

    • hand sanitiser
    • contactless check-ins

    • mask-mandatory spaces.

Relax the rules

    • If you have a minimum stay of over 2 days, consider updating your minimum stay to facilitate domestic travellers who are only able to stay for a couple days.
    • Consider welcoming pets on your property. Domestic travellers consist of new target groups, the elderly, children, teenagers, families, and maybe a dog. By considering each type of potential guest and catering to them, you can increase bookability. Make things easier for pet owners by allowing dogs on your property. Think about how you can equip your space to entertain children and look after the elderly and disabled. 

2. Optimise your SEO

  • Review your online presence and optimise it to target domestic travellers across all your online platforms including your social media, website and partner sites. Alter your Campspace listing headline or website’s SEO title with keywords that speak to domestic traveller trends. Use words like ‘escape to nature’, ‘long-stay’, ‘covid-safe’ ‘work remotely’ or ‘staycation’. Of course, don’t neglect the typical emphasis on the nature that surrounds you  too. Add “near a stunning lake” or “serene forest” to intrigue your audience.

  • Target the domestic market by emphasising local attractions and activities. As you begin updating your profile with these keywords, make sure to also add them to your social media, newsletters, articles, etc

  • Consider offering activities for campers to enjoy while staying at your space, be it a festival, fair, market, or games night. Get creative, build Covid-friendly experiences and if you’re a little unsure where to start, ask your social media followers, or if you’re less into social media, your current guests! If you don’t want to do anything on your property, then share events in the area!

  • Encourage guests to share photos of their stay on social media, using your hashtag or tagging your campsite. If you use social media, you can reshare, track hashtags and build stronger community engagement. Guests like to see others enjoying their stay – a social media presence, on your own account or via pictures posted on others, is a good way to build community engagement.

If you have yet to register your property or campsite to Campspace, sign up here! Meet new people, enjoy zero-commission bookings  and support sustainable, local travel!

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