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Alpaca Camping

Alpaca Camping

Want to go alpaca camping? Below are our campspaces where you can enjoy the company of friendly alpacas!

Alpaca camping

Who doesn’t love alpacas? For those that don’t, have you ever been to an alpaca farm? 

Want to wake up to fluffy animals surrounding you and grazing about? Well, alpaca camping might be the best option for you! If you love animals, specifically fluffy and soft ones, visiting an alpaca farm for your next weekend getaway or holiday is the right decision. Alpacas are social, curious and friendly, so be prepared to have them watch your every move! 

Drink coffee in the morning, eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, and read a book outside with the best companions! Enjoy one of our delicious camping meals, or use them as inspiration! Either way, you can enjoy and experiment with camping cuisine with and audience. Don’t worry, they won’t judge! 

Alpaca farms are great holiday destinations for families with kids. There, you can teach your kids how to interact with animals safely! 

Alpaca farm camping activities

We can spend all day petting the alpacas, but if you want a bit more action, there are various activities to choose from. There’s all this nature around you, so go explore it! Go cycling around the area and appreciate the countryside views, meadows and forests. Hiking is another options if you want to go at a slower pace. Perhaps you can identify edible plants to create a wild-plant salad! It’s a great way to keep kids active as well, they’ll be busy running around trying to find clovers, dandelions and other plants. 

Games such as Kubb, card games or other board games are also great to do outdoors! If it gets cold, create a cosy environment by lighting up the campfire and throwing a big blanket over yourself. Campfires, blankets, and alpacas? What else could you possibly need?

You can enjoy it all, it’s just one booking away! Have fun!

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