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All about Campspace hosts: campsite owners, farmers, families and entrepreneurs

Get to know the different types of Campspace hosts and meet Luc, Vicky and Silvia, who are all putting their own spin on hosting a campsite!

If you're planning a camping trip and don't know whether to book a larger, established campsite or a typical 'Campspace' campsite, it might help you to understand the difference between these commercial campsites and campspaces. There are several things, like privacy, noise and travel time, that contribute to the Campspace camping experience, but the main attraction is our hosts. Anyone who wants to rent out a piece of their land or outdoor accommodation can be a Campspace host, and this means our hundreds of hosts comprise of people from all walks of life. From retired businessmen, teachers, farmers and carpenters to families young and old, Campspace is home to people new to the camping community and people whose campsites have been in the family for generations.

Campspace campsite hosts

Over the years, the Campspace team has been pleasantly surprised time and time again by the hidden gems and interesting characters that register as hosts. From farmers and families to artists, teachers and small business owners, Campspace hosts are real members of the community who really care about making their guests feel at home. Most hosts put their garden, property or campsite on Campspace because they want to share the nature that they have access to with others. The second most common reason is that they enjoy meeting a diverse range of people travelling to their campspace from nearby and abroad. 

Luc at Chalet Rosée in the Belgian Ardennes

Our friendly host Luc is a perfect example of a Campspace host that fell in love with hosting after trying it as a hobby alongside his day job as a house painter
Luc’s genuine love for nature and the outdoors is contagious. He does so much more than provide pitches and accommodation for his guests’ holidays.  

Walking through his property with his loyal German shepherd and sometimes a couple sheep trailing behind, he enthusiastically introduces guests to one creative project after another. All of his projects are centred around providing his guests with the most enjoyable experience possible. His main motivator is getting city people to appreciate nature the way he does! 

From an elevated forest platform and an outdoor bar, to his vegetable garden and the arched greenhouse he calls ‘Spain’ (for those who want extra warmth during winter camping) and his incredible self-built guest chalet, Luc’s creativity is present in every corner of his property.

The Polder Pioneer Vicky and her multifaceted campsite in the Netherlands

Silvia's forest retreat near Osnabruck, Germany

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