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Recently scouted campspaces

All our campspaces are visited by a scout. In this way, every campspace is provided with good photos. We hope it helps you to find the perfect spot!

Recently scouted campspaces

On this page you will find an overview of the most recently scouted campspaces. These places have not been on the site for very long, so they are not fully booked yet. The beautiful photos give you a good idea of ​​the place and the facilities that are available on the spot. You can be sure you will end up in a very nice spot, as our scouts went to check it out first.

The campspaces are all in the middle of nature and not that big, sometimes there is even just one spot! This way you will not wake up by the sound of the animation team or the other guests who are already having breakfast. Here you will be awakened by the sound of the birds and you can enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning in silence or join the host for an organic breakfast. Spend the rest of the day in front of your campervan or tent to relax, or go out for a little adventure!

Activities around the campspaces

All campspaces are located in unique places in Europe. Because they are located in the middle of nature, there is plenty to do around the campspaces. You can often go on beautiful walks or a cool bike ride. But you can also regularly rent a canoe, kayak or supboard nearby, spot wild animals and swim. Our scouts always ask the host for tips, if the host does not yet have that activity on his or her profile, we will add it. In this way you can be sure you will end up in the most beautiful and unique places.

Want to become a Scout?

Would you also like to scout the newest campspaces in exchange for beautiful photos? You can! You can register here to become a scout and we will contact you.

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