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Camping with your own Horse

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Looking for a place where you and your horse can relax, a place in the middle of nature, a place full of peace and tranquility. Discover our mini-campsites of hosts who are happy to welcome you and your horse!

What could be better than going on an adventure with your own horse. These mini campsites are happy to welcome you and your own horse to enjoy the peace and nature.

Camping with your own horse

For hours, you can watch your horse graze while you are relaxing in front of your tent. Doesn't that sound great? Camping with your own horse is a dream for many that can now become reality. Find the perfect camping spot for you and your horse, where your horse can enjoy all the facilities that these hosts can offer.

Facilities for your horse

Camping with your own horse is of course very cool and fortunately this is made possible by our hosts who have their stable or meadow available for your horse. In addition to a stable or a meadow, the hosts sometimes also offer food, food bowls, water bowls, a toy fence and / or a riding arena. All facilities to go on holiday with your own horse.

Camping facilities for you

Of course, you also need a nice place to set up your tent. At some campspaces this is even possible in the meadow itself where your horse is, but if that is not possible, the hosts are happy to offer you a camping spot on their beautiful piece of land. In addition, you can often use a restroom or shower where there is the possibility of some drinking water. Some hosts offer more exclusive facilities such as a sauna or jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation after a day of horseback riding.

Of course, these facilities also have a number of requirements. This way you can go on holiday with your horse carefree. To make a place really horse-friendly, the following number of points are extremely important.

  • The places must be located at a maximum distance of 5 km from the Ruiter- en Menroute network (safe approach route)
  • The meadow must of course be flat and safe. No holes, no barbed wire, no St. Jacob's ragwort, but it does need to offer free water so that your horse always stays hydrated, especially in warm weather.
  • The same applies to a stable. Safety first. So no sharp points, enough space and air. Pure and good straw and water must be present in a hygienic container.
  • Other things that are required are a solid binding area, a cleaning area, a drying room and generally sufficient parking space and space for saddles, carriages, trucks and trailers.

Horse riding in the middle of nature

Imagine getting on your horse directly from your sleeping place and discovering nature. Wonderfully relaxing through the forests or through the most beautiful nature reserves. Camping with your horse is the perfect way to get into nature reserves that were previously difficult for you to reach. Go horseback riding through the Veluwe or across the Sallandse Heuvelrug.

Discover the freedom that this way of camping has to offer. Get to know yourself and your horse better in a completely new environment. An experience that will not be forgotten for you and your horse.

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