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Want to go eco-camping? We have many campspaces to choose from for a sustainable trip!


Eco-camping is a lot easier than many may think. Camping in already an eco-friendly holiday experience compared to taking a plane abroad and staying at a hotel. However, there’s always ways to improve and be more sustainable!

Whether you’re alone, with your partner, with family or with friends, you can all experience an incredible weekend getaway together all while being sustainable with little efforts! If you’re just starting out, back-to-basic camping doesn’t include electric heating, hot water or even a running toilet. You are simply out in nature itself, and that’s really all you need for a few days. Of course, there are campsites with ensuite facilities where you can still practice sustainability, but if you’re not afraid to skip luxury, you won’t even notice you’re missing anything.

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Eco-camping activities

Most camping activities are already very sustainable, especially ones that don’t require any fuel or resources. For example, if you’re staying at an incredible campspace by the beach or lake, kayaking, canoeing or paddling are all human-powered activities! There’s no fuel needed, which makes them sustainable activities. 

Other ideas are if there are any local farms nearby, you can go by and support them by buying their produce! Your hosts will also be happy to provide you with information and tips on where the best local restaurants or bakeries are. 

If you need more eco-friendly travel tips, we have created an article for you to read! Be the most eco-friendly and prepared camper!

So what are you waiting for? Your eco-camping experience is just around the corner, enjoy!

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