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Summer Vacation 2023

We are approaching summer! It’s almost great weather to walk around in your shorts and sunbathe on the beach for hours. The perfect time to participate in water sports such as surfing, kiting, and sailing.

Summer Vacation 2023

The perfect time to participate in water sports such as surfing, kiting, and sailing. Make your bucket list with fun activities for the summer vacation of 2023 and enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the fullest. Have you already finished your bucket list, but don’t have accommodation yet? Book one of our unique and sustainable campspaces and make your holiday complete. Are you ready for an adventurous summer vacation in 2023?

Summer Vacation North Region

From July 13 to August 22, 2023, it is summer vacation in the North Region. What are you going to do with the kids this year? Or will you do something fun with your friends? At Campspace we have a suitable campspace for everyone. Do you like camping in a tent? That is wonderful to do in the warm summer weather. Or do you prefer an accommodation on location, so you don't have to lug around? We got you!

Summer Vacation Central Region

From 17 July to 29 July 2023 you can enjoy your summer vacation in the Central Region of the Netherlands. So, do you live in one of these provinces and don't have any plans for your summer vacation in 2023 yet? Then it’s time to find some enjoyable activities you want to do with your camping crew and find a nice campspace in the area. Do you want to go to the north of the country? Check out nice campspaces in the North of the Netherlands here. Or would you rather go to the South? Here you will find nice campspaces in the South of the Netherlands.

Summer Vacation South Region

Do you already have something nice in mind for the summer vacation in the South Region? From July 24 to September 5 there is a summer holiday in the South Region. What are you going to do in the summer this year? To fully enjoy your summer holiday in 2023, it is ideal to go camping. Would you like to spend the night in a primitive way or treat yourself to a luxurious camping adventure? Campspace has a great diversity of accommodations at locations and super fun glamping possibilities. Also check out the child-friendly campspaces and make it extra fun for the kids.

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