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The north of the Netherlands

The north of the Netherlands

There is a lot to discover in the three most northern provinces of The Netherlands (Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen). They are known for their peace and quiet and have a lot of national parks.

Stay local and go on holiday in your own country! There is still so much to discover, our northern provinces (Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen) are known for peace and space and offer a variaty national parks.

The North of the country is ideal for achieving ultimate tranquility. There are many large nature reserves that you can visit and discover. Especially in Friesland and Drenthe there are beautiful forests, parks and waters. This way you will never get tired of nature and you can endlessly go out discovering from your own mini campspace.

Take a trip to Schiermonnikoog via Groningen or Leeuwarden. The entire island is a national park. There is a lot to see. But there is not only a park on Schiermonnikoog, there is also a large area in Drenthe, full of wildlife to spot. An advantage of the North of the Netherlands is that there is often a swimming spot or fishing spot nearby. There is plenty of water.

There are all kinds of activities available so you don't have to sit still all day. Enjoy a picnic or BBQ in the open air with a wide view of nature. Opt for something active and on hot days take a dip, go surfing or canoeing. You determine your challenge.

Vacation in your own country

Stay local, Staycation, traveling in your own country, you see it more and more. There are reasons for this. Hosts speak the same language, which saves you from signing with the locals to find the best restaurant. You will of course also notice the reduced travel time. That's great if you are traveling with children or if you have an electric car. In general, it also costs less and that is always nice.

camper or no camper, together or alone, luxury or back to basic, the choice is yours. In any case, the North of the Netherlands offers enough nature to see and experience on foot or by bicycle. Allow yourself that moment of rest, away from everyday life. The space is already there, the only thing left is you.

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