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Camping in the south of The Netherlands

Camping in the south of The Netherlands

The south of The Netherlands is separated from the rest of the country by the river the Rijn. In this part of the Netherlands, you will find unique nature and quietness and is therefore the best place to recharge and camp.

The south has a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and it is also extremely versatile in its landscape. In Brabant you see many flat landscapes with large open fields and nature reserves. In Zeeland you have a lot of water around you so you can visit beautiful beaches and banks. And Limburg offers a completely different environment. More hills and mountains than any other province. Quite crazy to find so much difference in such a "small" piece of land.

Escape the stress of the world and experience the nature of the southern Netherlands, where time sometimes seems to stand still. Wake up to the song of the birds and the wind that goes through the trees. To then get on your bike and cycle over the dikes and hills. In the evening, rest on a garden chair by your tent watching the sun go down.

Variation in Campspaces

The stay is entirely up to you. Go for a gypsy wagon to have everything close at hand. Or bring everything yourself in a camper. Or choose to travel completely back to basics, with just a tent. Not only can you organize your stay, but also your activities. Anything is possible. For example, go kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, fishing.

Another tip! Your host certainly knows some nice places and restaurants to visit. So that you can enjoy the outdoors. Book your Campspace now and experience it for yourself.

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