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Mini campsites in Amsterdam and outdoor adventures nearby

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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Netherlands

What are guests saying about campsites in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    Dive into the verdant embrace of Amsterdam, where mini campsites await, and nature beckons just beyond the city's canals.

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    Discovering mini campsites in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, known for its winding canals and historic charm, may not immediately come to mind when considering camping destinations. However, for those in the know, the surrounding areas of the city are home to some delightful mini campsites. While it's a challenge to find mini campsites directly in Amsterdam, the outskirts and neighbouring towns offer serene spots perfect for campervan travel enthusiasts.

    Where to stay: Nostalgic farm campsite near vibrant Amsterdam

    Nestled in the polder beside the Amstel, this cozy farm campsite, 10 km from Amsterdam, offers a glimpse of old-time farm life. Wake up to cows and enjoy evenings by the campfire or playing jeu de boules. Nearby is Ouderkerk a/d Amstel village, accessible by bike or boat. Options include tent pitches (no power), furnished tents with outdoor kitchens, a '70s Rapido caravan, and a new off-grid tiny house. On-site facilities are available, along with optional fresh farmer's breakfast, bike rentals, and a water bike for Amstel explorations.

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    Camping Amsterdam

    Motorhome pitches in Amsterdam's vicinity

    When on the road with a motorhome, finding the right pitch is crucial. The areas around Amsterdam offer designated spots for motorhomes, making it convenient for those travelling on wheels. With ample facilities and stunning views, these motorhome pitches in the vicinity of Amsterdam promise a comfortable stay.

    Where to stay: Sustainable living and farming near Amsterdam

    Stay at a unique circular house or pitch your tent in the North Holland polder. Experience sustainable living on an estate that organically farms and constructs with a vision for the future. It features a wine garden, orchards, organic market garden, and extensive farmland. Enjoy meals at the restaurant open from Wednesday to Sunday. Located 25 minutes from Amsterdam and 15 from Wijk aan Zee beach. Prepare for muddy terrains and enchanting campfire sessions. Spot various birds and enjoy the natural setting. Welcomed by Atse, Maartje, Lux, and Borre.

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    The luxury of glamping near Amsterdam

    For those who enjoy a fusion of nature and comfort, glamping near Amsterdam is an experience not to be missed. Think luxurious tents, majestic views, and the sounds of nature – all just a stone’s throw from the bustling city. Immerse yourself in this unique blend of urban and rustic.

    Where to stay: Waterside camping with a touch of serenity 

    Melvin and Angelina invite you to their unique Nigtevecht home, overlooking the Vecht and a canal-connected backyard. Historically significant, their abode once oversaw ships on the Amsterdam Rhine Canal. Guests can revel in peace with camping spots, a Mongolian yurt, and a hippy caravan. Extra amenities like massages, supping, sauna, and jacuzzi are available. They hope to share this tranquil space with you soon.

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    An outdoor holiday in Amsterdam: activities and more

    • Nature Reserves: Step away from the urban jungle and discover the tranquil nature reserves that envelop Amsterdam. The green spaces are abundant with flora, fauna, and numerous walking trails to explore.
    • Cycling Trails: Amsterdam is famously bike-friendly. Beyond its streets, cycling trails lead to picturesque villages, ancient windmills, and lush countryside.
    • Cultural Hotspots: The region boasts more than just natural beauty. Visit quaint towns steeped in history, local museums, and vibrant arts scenes that showcase the Netherlands’ rich heritage.

    Camping Amsterdam

    Camper sites in Amsterdam: A unique perspective

    Setting up camp in or around Amsterdam gives travellers a unique vantage point. Wake up to the chirping of birds, explore the nearby trails, or take a leisurely drive through scenic routes. It's a side of Amsterdam that many miss but offers a refreshing perspective.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Camping in Amsterdam

    1. Can I camp inside Amsterdam city? While there are limited mini campsites in Amsterdam city itself, the outskirts offer several camping options.

    2. Is it safe to camp near Amsterdam? Absolutely! The areas around Amsterdam are safe, and the campsites are well-equipped with security features.

    3. What's the best time for an outdoor holiday in Amsterdam? Spring (April to June) and early autumn (September) are ideal, offering pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes.

    4. Are there facilities for campervans in Amsterdam? Yes, there are dedicated motorhome pitches in and around Amsterdam, equipped with necessary amenities.

    5. How close are the cultural attractions from the mini campsites near Amsterdam? Many cultural attractions, including historical towns and museums, are a short drive or cycle away from the campsites.

    Embrace the adventure that waits at the mini campsites in Amsterdam and its surroundings, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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