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Amsterdam Holidays in Nature

Do typical holidays to Amsterdam put you off? Discover Amsterdam holidays in nature at the best campsites Amsterdam has to offer.

Amsterdam holidays for nature-lovers

Amsterdam holidays have taken on a whole new meaning with this selection of privately-owned camping pitches and campsites near Amsterdam.

Cycle or take public transport to any of these campspaces to enjoy a truly unique experience of Amsterdam's natural surroundings. Whether searching for camping holidays with your own tent or in a provided accommodation, Campspace has an exclusive selection of weird and wonderful places for you to spend the night.

Camping holidays near Amsterdam

Take a break from the busy city and enjoy a private camping experience with your travel buddies. Half an hour away from the city, you can camp out on floating rafts, go back in time at a traditional farm campsite, or marvel at our hosts' creative freedom and approaches to sustainability.

You won't find Amsterdam holidays like these anywhere else, trust us!

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