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Camping with the dog on special camping spots in France

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    Camping with the dog in France? The hosts on these private lands would love to welcome you and your dog. Enjoy the warm weather and relax in beautiful France.

    Camping with your dog, cat, hamster or rabbit in a special place in France? you can find that on this page full of places for you and your four-legged friend.

    Take your pet out in France in the wonderful weather of the south and the wide open spaces to let your dog run free. Nature in France almost seems to be there for the pleasure of you and your dog. The hills, the forests, the weather, the coast, everything to have a wonderful holiday with your pet.

    Rules holiday in France with dog

    There are a number of rules before you can enter France with your dog. He must have a European pet passport and be vaccinated for rabies 22 days before departure. Therefore, your dog cannot be younger than 3 months, because then it cannot be vaccinated yet. There are also a number of breeds that are not allowed. Crossbreeds of the Pit Bull Terrier, Mastiff and Tosa, unless they are real purebred dogs with a demonstrable pedigree.

    If French is not in your blood, it makes a difference that you can sit on a mini campsite where you hardly need to speak any French. Hand gestures and a little English will get you far enough. Also nice is that Pets do not have to learn French to understand each other. Your pet can have plenty of fun together with the dog, cat or any animal of the host.

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