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Camper sites in Portugal

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Find camper sites in one of the provinces of Portugal

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    Travel to a Portugal in your campervan! These motorhome and camper sites are perfect places to enjoy the best of Portugal's beaches and nature.

    Are you going to Portugal with your campervan? These are the most beautiful camper sites in Portugal! Beautiful in summer and in winter.

    Motorhome sites in Portugal

    These camper sites in Portugal bring you close to that feeling of wild camping that, until recently, was still allowed in Portugal. You will find them on the most beautiful spots in the midst of nature in the inlands of Portugal or at the beautiful coast. The camper sites are small and very suitable for campervans, but some of them are also suitable for larger motorhomes. This is clearly indicated per campspace. The locations are nearly all on the private grounds of the hosts. For example in a beautiful garden, a mini campsite or in a farmyard. 

    You can really relax at these locations. You can retreat, enjoy nature and do nothing for a while. Ideal for when your family needs quality time with each other. Do you feel like exploring? The hosts will be happy to tell you all about what there is to do in the area. This is also listed on the site, but they are happy to give you more detailed options.

    Another thing that is mentioned on the page of each campspace is the sustainability measures. This is very important to us at Campspace. The tourism industry is a major contributor to CO2 emissions, and when you make more sustainable choices on holiday, you help to reduce them. Because the hosts organize their grounds as sustainably as possible, both you and the host contribute to a sustainable future.

    Why go to Portugal with a campervan?

    Portugal is a beautiful destination for a camper road trip. It used to be possible to camp in the wild in Portugal, which attracted many campers and outdoor enthusiasts. This is now prohibited, but certainly no reason not to go to Portugal. The coast is beautiful, for example the west side of the Algarve. You can surf in many places, but the beaches between the rocks are also perfect for a day in the sun. The inland is green and sloping and perfect for long walks and bike rides. There are also many opportunities to go on the water with, for example, a kayak or sup board. In addition, there are many beautiful villages and cities, where you can stroll, visit old buildings and sit down at a terrace.

    Have you seen the campspace of Nuno? You can swim in a water reservoir here. For campervans Claudia's campspace is an amazing option. Here you can enjoy mountains views and tranquility. Do you have a larger camper? [Then Menno has a place for you].

    Feel like taking your camper on the road? Then be sure to stay at these camper sites in Portugal.

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