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Camping at the farm on the Dokkumer Ee.

4.62 (13 reviews) Verified Stiens, Friesland, Netherlands

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Your host


Come and enjoy the peace, nature and farm life at our farm. We are located in a hamlet in a natural environment in Friesland on the river Dokkumer Ee. There are cows, sheep, horses, chickens and a dog on the farm. We would like to let you enjoy the farm life.

You can camp in the 'hôf', a field that borders the cycle path between Leeuwarden and Bartlehiem. From here you have a beautiful view of the river Dokkumer Ee.
There is a simple shower, washing facility and a toilet car.

The village of Stiens is 4 km away. There is a waterfront restaurant within 1 km. The city of Leeuwarden is 8 km by bike. The departure point of the boat to Ameland is half an hour by car.
The area is suitable for multiple activities such as:
- To walk
- Bicycles
- Fishing
- Canoeing (2 canoes available)
- Swimming (open water)

We look forward to seeing you!

Space for

  • Tent
  • Caravan
  • Vans
  • Motorhome


  • Drinking water
  • Toilet
  • Hot shower
  • Pets allowed
  • Picnic table
  • RV Sanitation
  • Hot water
  • Shower (cold water)
  • BBQ
  • Campfire possible
  • Phone charge
  • Electricity
  • Gas (stove)
  • Sportsgear
  • RV Hookup
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Heater in accommodation
  • Shelter
  • Covered kitchen

Things to do in the area

  • TIP Have a delicious meal on the waterfront at Restaurant de Winze
  • TIP Take beautiful evening walks along the Dokkumer Ee
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Sightseeing

Your host, Ylse

4.62 (13 reviews)

Host is verified by Campspace

My name is Ylse and I live on a dairy farm in Friesland with my parents Piebe and Marijke. We enjoy living here and enjoy the beautiful nature and farm life. We like to share this with others and think it is important to give people a glimpse into farm life.



Tell us about your experience
We had a wonderful week, really enjoyed the peace and space in this place.
Boeke, the owners' super sweet dog, was best friends with Roef, our dog.
Ylze gave us an extensive tour of the farm. Very interesting!

How was the contact with the host?
The contact with the host was fine. We received a quick response and full cooperation when we had to cancel a night at the last minute.

Tips for new guests?
Definitely go sailing!

July 2021 · Translated from dutch

Host Ylse has responded

Hi Willie,

Glad you had such a good experience! Thanks for the fun.

Regards Ylse

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Tell us about your experience
we had a wonderful stay in Tichelwurk, a very nice camping spot right on the Dokkumer EE and the cycle path of the eleven cities route.
have also cycled a lot and enjoyed the peace and the view with all the passing boats.

How was the contact with the host?
the contact was very friendly and warm, many thanks for your hospitality.
We are also proud of the farmer, but you knew that
also dog Bouke and cat Bregje are the friendliness itself.
we would like to come back to this nice place in Friesland.

Tips for new guests?
definitely recommended if you want to explore Friesland.

August 2021 · Translated from dutch

Host Ylse has responded

We also had a lot of fun, thank you and hope to see you again!

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Tell us about your experience
As experienced Campspace campers, we can confidently say that our stay on the farm of Ylse and her family was a hit. The tranquility, the spot by the water, the warm shower, the barn that we used as a living room during days of summer storm, Boeke, the sweetest dog in the world, the kittens in the hayloft and the vast and beautiful Frisian landscape were the ideal combination for a wonderfully restful holiday.
Guests who wish to do this will be given a tour of the farm. We also liked to participate and learned a lot about dairy farming, about the 24 hours a day that the farmer is ready for his animals and how the farmers in the region work to protect meadow birds and sow fields full of flowers for the insects (where we could also walk there during our evening walk). Without a doubt a very special holiday and we will definitely be back!

How was the contact with the host?
The contact with the family was very nice. We could bike and borrow the canoes to explore the area on the sunny days, were allowed to taste homemade yogurt and occasionally had a nice chat.

Tips for new guests?
Cyclists who make beautiful trips in the area come here in abundance. The Eleven Cities are of course very worthwhile, but closer by are the ferry on the right of the canal and Bartlehiem (and further) on the left of the canal very worthwhile for a relaxing walk or bike ride. Ylse's friend, an enthusiastic motorcyclist, also knows how to tell us about all the beautiful places in the area.

July 2021 · Translated from dutch

Host Ylse has responded

Hi Martine

Thank you for your fun over the past few weeks! And hopefully see you soon :).

Regards Ylse

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Tell us about your experience
Super sweet dog, nice people with a nice company. Very nice neighbors who baked pancakes for us this morning! Nice spot with a view of the Dokkumer Ee!

How was the contact with the host?
Very good. Got a tour.

July 2021 · Translated from dutch

Host Ylse has responded

Thank you for the review, we enjoyed having you there. Have a nice holiday!

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Tell us about your experience
Despite the bad weather, a warm and friendly welcome. The shower and the farm tour are the highlight of the stay. From the field you look over the Dokkumer ee and you can relax from the staring at the boats that pass by.

July 2021 · Translated from dutch


Tell us about your experience
On arrival I had to go through a large deep mud puddle with the car and caravan.
People 'wasn't that far yet, the grass still had to grow there...'. To prevent this from failing if I had to drive through it again and again, the farmer's wife suggested I park my car near their shed.
There I unfortunately ran into a rusty iron obstacle sticking out of the ground. They called this a bollard... to protect the barn doors...
Had a conversation and they only wanted to refund the costs of camping. No liability insurance or liability insurance was an option with them. I called you. (unfortunately name has been lost) and after consultation with that family, this was decided. So bad luck for me.
I was insured. And your site assumes no responsibility for these events. What struck me in the phone interview is that you wouldn't be able to visit every participant?
But on the site at this place it says 'landlord has been verified'
But is this correct? Strange...
With this landlord I strongly suspected that people think it is a nice extra income. I also thought the security left something to be desired. Especially the toilet cubicle.
Not hard to have an 'accident' there when you get out. And who is then responsible?

There is no such thing as a sustainable place.
Can't find anything related to that. Small calves with large ear tags gathered in a stable.
Lots of motorized activity on site.
And an almost constant strong slurry.

I really only have one piece of advice; these landlords are better off joining an SVR or Vekabo. Then they also have to abide by rules, including for the safety and protection of their guests.
And you have to be honest about 'verified'.

Did I have a Campspace feeling? No.
I was just standing with the farmer. (Even more expensive than what I normally pay on my own)

Kind regards from Marjon

July 2021 · Translated from dutch

Host Ylse has responded

We are very sorry that Marjon experienced her stay this way.
Due to rainfall on the day of arrival, the entrance to the camping area had become a bit muddy.
During Marjon's stay we realized a second driveway, which solved this problem.

The accident with the pole was indeed very unfortunate. We have tried as much as possible to think along to come to a solution, even though it is not our responsibility.
Together with campspace and Marjon we decided to repay the camping money, to meet her costs.
We do our best to make everyone's stay as pleasant as possible, and hope that Marjon still enjoyed her holiday despite the setbacks.

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Tell us about your experience
We spent a number of wonderful days in the camper with Annemarie and her family. We were able to pick a spot on the property next to the farm. At night it was wonderfully quiet. Our daughters immediately loved the (good) horses and enjoyed the cuddling and the rides that Annemarie offers. We stayed an extra night and on the last day the three of us even went for a ride!
You will find shops within cycling distance and we also liked the nearby tea garden.
A place to return again!

August 2020 · Translated from dutch


Tell us about your experience
What a nice stay in Stiens! On a farm far away from civilization you are on a beautiful field with max. 2 others at the Dokkumer Ee. You can watch boats all day long! And it was also very pleasant to be able to take a dip in this summer's heat. There is a small motor boat for rent and we have looked extensively at the cows, calves and horses and also helped. The most beautiful and tastiest shower in the stable of the farm. Enjoyed the hospitality and the place. Recommended!

August 2020 · Translated from dutch


Tell us about your experience
The host (a family) was accommodating and gave us a tour around their dairy farm and allowed us to feed their calves. The farm itself is nestled in a quiet area, next to a canal used by many boats. The facilities are basic, but all you need. And the farm dog, Boeke, is a delight!

August 2020


Tell us about your experience
Ylse, the host, was very quick and prompt in answering my queries. The moment we arrived at the location, we were in love with the farm and the spot for our tent. So green, quiet and next to the farm animals. Ylse and her family were very friendly, helpful and welcoming. My son (10yrs) and I were waving at the boats passing along the river from our tent`s door. The toilet and basin were basic, but very clean. We definitely will go there once again in August, with friends this time.

July 2020


Tell us about your experience
The first place in Stiens might be a bit basic, but everything was there. Especially the peace and beautiful place made up for it. The tour of the 🐄 company was also fun.

July 2020


Tell us about your experience
We had a wonderful stay. The camping field next to the farm is beautiful; next to orchard and overlooking the Dokkumer Ee with passing boats. We had a lovely swim in the canal, there is a nice restaurant within walking distance and the farm is on a bicycle route to Leeuwarden. Ylse and her family are very hospitable; we got a tour of the farm, the children were allowed to bring the horses to the stable and play with the sweet dog. Sanitary is very simple, but spotlessly clean. Highly recommended, a beautiful place

July 2020


Tell us about your experience
The campsite is located at the end of a quiet road by the water, no traffic except for some boats. Lovely little place! Nice people with a farm with cows, calves, and “Doeke” the dog. Everything was there, shower, toilet, and laundry room with kettle and picnic table, which is nice for me as a “bikepacker”. If you like peace and quiet, this is an ideal place.

August 2020

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Dogs are allowed, but please keep them on a leash in the yard. We also have a dog ourselves.

Electricity in the form of an extension cord / camping cord is available for a fee of 1 euro per night nacht

Checking in and out

Check-in between: To be agreed
Check-out between: To be agreed


Arrival allowed on: Monday to Sunday
Departure allowed on: Monday to Sunday

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Tent Caravan Vans Motorhome
Max. people
4 ×

  • Drinking water
  • RV Sanitation
  • Pets allowed
  • Toilet
  • Hot shower
  • Hot water

Minimum number of nights: 1
Maximum number of nights: 30
Child price applies from this age: 0
Children's price up to this age: 16
Arrival allowed on: Monday to Sunday
Departure allowed on: Monday to Sunday

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