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Weekend Cottages to Rent

Weekend Cottages to Rent

Looking for weekend cottages to rent? Below are cottages you can stay in for the weekend or holiday!

Lodges for the weekend

A sweet wooden cottage to escape to? Sounds incredible! There’s a reason cottages and lodges are one of the cosiest, accommodations to stay in. The smell of wood, the warm and earthy toned colours, and the size always creates a lovely atmosphere. Perfect throughout any season, all year long, we have the weekend cottages for you to rent! 

Autumn and winter are perhaps one of the most popular seasons to stay in a cottage. When it’s cold outside, and warm inside, it’s the perfect cosy feeling. You can sip a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine, or even coffee in the morning while watching the colourful leaves fall, or the snow settle. 

However, spring and summer are just as incredible seasons to go rent lodges for the weekend, as you can spend your time in the sunshine and have access to so much nature! Perhaps you have a dog? Have a look at our dog-friendly campsites and perhaps find a lodge!

Activities to do 

While sitting and playing cards in your cottage is always lovely, your outdoor activity options are diverse! You can’t be bored if you're in the forest, up in the mountains, by a lake, or in the middle of the flatlands. Bring a frisbee disk, go for a hike, or perhaps go foraging for some berries and mushrooms. Find edible plants to make a lovely wild salad, or go fishing and catch your dinner for the day! 

You have so much freedom when you’re out in nature, and your problems feel so small. It’s important to fulfil your life with the activities you love, and you should always continue to try new things. Our hosts are always happy to provide some tips on where the best places to visit are, or perhaps what the most fun activities are to do in the area. No matter what, you won’t regret a little getaway. 


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