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Water and shower facilities during the coronavirus

Good hygiene and a clean environment are very important during the COVID-19 crisis.

Campsites and camping companies within the Netherlands may remain open under strict conditions. In the event of insufficient measures, mayors are authorized to close a camping / camping company. Many campsites and camping companies are obliged to close common areas and sanitary facilities. These are potentially riskier places where the coronavirus can be transmitted. We have listed a number of solutions for water and shower facilities below. For sanitary solutions, we would like to refer you to sanitary solutions for your campspace. 

Water supplies 
The coronavirus can live on certain surfaces for some time. Check our cleaning guidelines on how you can deal with this as a host and camper. Provide your guests with drinking water? You can consider offering a jerry can with tap so that your guests make little or no use of your taps. When filling, make sure that you disinfect the surfaces of the jerry can and your tap.

We have listed a number of possible solutions for you. 
- Foldable 15 liter jerry can with tap 
20 liter jerry can with tap, also available in 10 liters 

In addition to an old-fashioned washbasin or bucket, there are also more modern solutions such as a foldable washbasin.

Shower facilities
A real camper takes a shower outside right? We have listed a number of shower solutions:

a portable shower bag that warms itself to over 45°C degrees within 3 hours in direct sunlight. 

Where you have to hang the other shower bags, you can wash your hair with this high-pressure outdoor shower, do the dishes or spray your belongings clean.

These facilities ensure that you and your guests touch the same surfaces as little as possible. Also use our cleaning guidelines for these facilities.

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