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Sustainable camping - Tips and tricks

Sustainable camping - Tips and tricks

If you want to be sustainable, camping is a good start. To bring you even closer to your goal, some tips and tricks have been collected. In this blog, you will find 6 tips for sustainable camping to make your holiday even more environmentally friendly.

Camping is already a very sustainable way of holidaying, usually you don't get on a plane for a camping holiday. That saves an enormous amount of CO2. Your stay is also a lot more sustainable. In your own tent or motor home, your emissions are many times lower than in a hotel. You can find more information on the impact of transport and accommodation on our blog.

Renting an electrical campervan

We tested renting an electric campervan for you! You can rent evan's motorhomes through Goboony. It's easy to arrange. On the day of departure, you pick up your van in Utrecht. Everything is super well explained and after a practice drive and a photo for the scrapbook, you're ready to go.

Since we were only going away for a weekend, we decided not to drive too far. Although we could have done just fine. The vans drive super comfortable and quiet and the range is 200 km. You can also install an app before departure that makes it easy to find a charging station. Soon that will be totally fine, the vans will be capable of fast charging.

Renting electrical campervan

Sustainable camping

1. Pack less

Did you know that weight in your car affects your gas exhaust? If there is less weight in your car, you burn less gas. This applies to all types of weights, so making the suitcases a bit lighter works to your advantage. In addition to burning less gas, you also prevent stress because you don't have to stress about picking the right outfit each day ;). Keep it simple and only bring items that can be combined. Sustainable camping is not only good for the environment, but it also saves a lot of time and money.

2. Use fewer vehicles to get to your destination

A lot of us are guilty of going on a vacation with a group where everyone travels in their own car to the accommodation or camping spot. But why would you do that? By traveling to your campspace with more people in one car, it won’t only be more fun, but you will also reduce your CO2 emissions and spending. So keep that in mind from now on if you want to go on an adventure with a group again.

3. Buy local products

Buying local products near your campspace is certainly useful for when you don't want to lug around a lot. You also contribute to sustainability by buying products from the locals. And you don’t only enjoy the sights of where you are, but also the products that are produced in that area. This is definitely recommended if you want to fully enjoy your vacation at a new destination. And of course, a big bonus of buying local produce is that everything is also very fresh.

4. Put your eggs in a mason jar

Yes, you read that right! Most people consider it too risky to bring eggs because they are so sensitive. But this trick is the perfect solution. Mason jars or similar jars make it much more convenient to bring your eggs with you on your camping adventure. All you have to do is crack the eggs in a jar and close it well. An added advantage is that you can pour them directly into your pan. And they come out of the jar one by one. Are you curious if this really works? Try it on your next camping adventure.

5. Sustainable cooking

Do you use a gas stove? Make sure that it is located out of the wind and that the pan in which you are cooking is covered with a lid. This way, less CO2 is emitted, because you need less heat to prepare the food. It is also better not to use disposable plates, cutlery, and cups, so you have less waste. You can always rinse normal plates and cutlery. Do you want to barbecue? Yummy! This can also be done more sustainably by only grilling fish, vegetables, and bread. Less meat means less CO2 emissions. This way you can enjoy delicious and sustainable food.

6. Sustainable activities

If you want to have an optimal sustainable holiday, you can choose sustainable activities. For example, you can travel to the city by public transport. Or even better: by bike. This way you emit less CO2 than when you use your own transport. If you want to go on an adventure on the water, it is better to opt for a rowing boat instead of a motorboat. You can, of course, also get on the water with a SUP board! The perfect mix for a nice, active and sustainable trip.

Would you like to try these tips and tricks? Book a nice campspace today and go camping sustainably.

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