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Romantic Campsites

Romantic Campsites

Looking for romantic campsites? We have the perfect places to go for your next trip with your partner!

Romantic campsites 

Need a unique getaway idea and spend some time with your partner? Perhaps you want to impress your date and do something different for once! Whatever the reason, we have all the romantic campsite options for you and your partner to enjoy! 

Camping isn’t considered the most romantic activity, however, it can be just as romantic as having dinner at home, or going for an evening walk! Camping is in fact an activity that allows people to focus on what’s at the moment, and really appreciate their environments and the people they’re with. It’s an intimate and memorable experience that everyone should try at least once. At Campspace, we value real human connections, the freedom of nature, and sustainable travel. Thus, if you want to enjoy and spend time with a person you like a lot, camping is perfect!

Tips to make your camping experience romantic 

If you haven't been on a romantic camping trip before, don’t worry. Here are three tips to spice up your usual camping experience:

  • Make a campfire: warmth, beautiful, and cosy. Campfires are simply a must when camping because not only does it provide warmth and cosiness, you can prepare a lovely dinner for your partner. Or even cook together! Need some inspiration? We have created a list of ideas for your taste buds to enjoy, the camping meals special edition

  • Bring candles if you can: the safest way to enjoy candles at your campspace, is to know the safety measures for your specific area and required by your host, so always respect the rules first. However, if possible, candles are a great way to create a romantic setting! 

  • Bring games: card games, small board games, outdoor games, or be creative and think of some verbal/talking games! Playing a game is always such a fun way to spend time with anyone, and a great way to bond. We always recommend “Kubb”, and wooden outdoor game, perfect for 2 players. It’s a bit heavy, so if you’re travelling by car that’s perfect. 

So there you have it! You know what to do, surprise your date with a unique experience. 

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