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Road Trip Through Germany

Road Trip Through Germany

Germany is famous for its cars and beer festivals. But the country can also show off its beautiful nature and especially the efforts to preserve it. That’s why when planning a road trip to Germany, it is useful to keep sustainability in mind.

How to keep it sustainable

Transport and accomodation

A road trip might not sound like the most sustainable way of travelling, but it definitely is better than flying. To make some more sustainable choices for your transport, see if you can make use of a rented car from a car sharing platform. On some of these platforms you can even rent electric cars. The only thing you need to bring then is a tent, so you can stay on the most beautiful camping spots that are provided on Campspace.

If you don’t like sleeping in a tent that much, think about going with a campervan or motorhome. You can also rent these on sharing platforms like Goboony.  

Don’t want to drive at all? Take the train and enjoy the beautiful views! Or try hitchhiking, it’s a super fun way of travelling as you will get in contact with many different people who can tell you a lot about the surroundings. 

You can find more information about transport and accommodation on the blog.

Sustainable travelling

Besides transport there are more aspects you can keep an eye on to keep your trip sustainable. You can read more about this in our article about sustainable travel

 Road trip through Germany

Roadtrip Germany Campspace

This road trip through Germany is 791 km long and takes you through the south of Germany. In your navigation system you can choose the option ‘avoid highways’. This might take longer, but it will take you along breathtaking views. The trip takes 7 days. But you can stay longer in one place to make the trip a bit longer. 

1. Munich

The journey starts in Munich, the capital of Bavaria in the south of Germany. It’s neo-gothic architecture and easygoing people is what keeps the city interesting to the tourists. We suggest going there in October to really get in the traditional atmosphere that surrounds the city in autumn. And of course, as a bonus point, the annual Oktoberfest is right at this time. So, definitely be ready to be a little bit hungover but still energetic from the holiday aura. But of course, if you need a break from the never-stopping city life, we suggest staying at Andreas’ Gardencamping. It is only an hour away by train from Munich so you can always go back to do some shopping or check out the city better. Moreover, this campsite is quite close to the Alps, so for those looking to breath in fresh mountain air, don’t forget your hiking gear.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

Moving on to the next stop of our road trip in Germany, a Neuschwanstein Castle, which is truly a staple of the whole country. It is located near the small village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria. The castle has been a residence for King Ludwig II of Bavaria and after his death in 1886, it was open to the public. The castle is located on Alpine foothills and surrounded by vast nature. Some might feel terrified by this construction and some might find it magical even. No wonder, it was a prototype for a Disney castle. 

Roadtrip Germany Campspace

3. Nuremberg

After that there’s a three-hour drive awaiting to get to Nuremberg, the second largest city of Bavaria and a historical capital of the whole Germany. In 1946, right in this city the Nuremberg trials held place and it signified an end to the Nazi Germany. Although, the city should be visited at least because of that reason, a lot of years went by since then and now it is as modern and innovative as the rest of Germany. You should definitely take your time to visit old forts and the Imperial castle. But also got to a small café on the Main Market Square, got a cup of freshly made espresso and enjoyed the sunset. 

If you feel like you have seen the whole city through and through, take a 1,5 hour to the Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is a place that radiates centuries of history. Take a walk on the cobblestone lanes, which are probably hundreds of years old, go check out an old Town Hall and the panoramic tower. The city preserved that medieval energy, and it brings back the memories of past times. Sometimes it is just fun to imagine yourself living in a different era. 

And to conserve that medieval energy, we suggest taking a shelter at a micro camping, right near Nuremberg. You will be able to put your tent right on a hill surrounded by 300 trees and just let yourself rest. The area is also full of mind-blowing places, like the Reichenbach waterfall. It is so magnificent, no wonder sir Conan Doyle decided to use it as the location of the final battle of Sherlock Holmes. 

Germany roadtrip accommodation

4. Traben-Trarbach

We are moving on to our last stop, Traben-Trarbach, a place that needs no introduction, just look at the pictures. This city is located on the banks of a river Moselle and is considered a spa region of Germany. And what can be better than a nice paper retreat after a busy road trip through Germany? Spoil yourself with a luxury glamping experience right near this beautiful city and enjoy the memories of the trip with your loved ones.

Who do you want to take on a road trip through Germany? 

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