Pets allowed

Want to go on a trip and you want to bring your pet? Campspace offers nice and special campings spots where your pet is more than welcome.

Would you like to go on holiday with your pet or do you not want / cannot arrange a babysitter? Then we have a wide range of animal-loving mini campsites for you. Bringing your pet on holiday is no problem at these mini campsites, it is even appreciated at some. There are spaces where animal friends are sought for the sweet pets they have. The advantage of a mini campsite is that the animals have a lot of space and that they can run around nicely. If he often runs a bit too far away, there are also places with a fence around it. That makes it a super cozy, but also safe environment for you and your pet.

The feeling you get when you take an early morning walk through the forest. Throw a ball into the open water, after which your pet chases it with a wagging tail. It feels like the ultimate combination of peace and freedom. A feeling like no other. Of course, a new environment can take some getting used to for your pet. But once he has snooped around, he can come and go wherever he / she wants. But with many free-range or run-out areas, he must do his best to have sniffed every nook and cranny in the area.

By going camping with your pet you will notice that the bond with your pet is also greatly improved. Especially in a quiet environment where you have plenty of time to go on an adventure with your four-legged friend. This will be a special experience, especially for a city dog.

Want to explore the outdoors but don't have someone to watch your cat, dog, duck, or Alpaca? No worries! At these small campsites you can bring your hairy friend. Actually; these spots prefer for you to bring your hairy little friend. 

Camping with your pet in Belgium
Camping with your pet in France
Camping with your pet in Great-Britain

Complete change of plans and decided to go on an adventure with a camper? Check here our best small campsites for campers and discover your own Campspace experience!

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