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Reconnect Outside
Nearly Wild Camping

Nearly Wild Camping

Want a near wild camping experience? Below are campspaces where you can enjoy a nature-rich experience!

Nearly wild camping

Wild camping is illegal in some countries and in some areas of each country, so make sure you know where you can go wild camping. That said, we have all campspaces where you can have a near wild camping experiences! 

If you’ve had a long week of work or other reasons for feeling stressed, you are in need of a proper break. Green spaces are great ways to boat your mental well-being and also provides a great space for physical activities! 

Wake up in the middle of tall trees, in a meadow, or perhaps in the mountains and appreciate the views! Make a cup of coffee and breathe in the fresh air. No matter the season, summer, autumn, winter or spring, nature is beautiful year round. Are you going on a solo trip? Take your camera with you and take some incredible pictures of your experience! You try to spot the local wildlife or identify different plants. Go foraging and gather edible plants for a nice wild-plant salad! 

If you’re staying in a forest, one of the best ways to go wild camping is hammock camping! It’s easier to set up than a tent, lighter to carry, and you can wake up hanging in your own personal cocoon! Get a two-person hammock and go on a romantic campspace trip with your partner! 

Near wild camping activities

The activities are so diverse and the options vary depending on where you’re staying. Are you beach camping? Bring a beach ball, and go paddling in all kinds of ways; kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing and more! 

Are you camping in the mountains? Go mountain biking for an intense workout! It’s difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. Camping in the countryside? Socialize with farm animals, throw a Frisbee disk or go hiking around the area! 

There’s so much to appreciate, and you can experience it all, campspace by campspace. So what are you waiting for!

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