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Nature Campsites

Nature Campsites

Looking for nature campsites? Below are all the campsites where you can immerse yourself in all the nature you want!

Nature campsites

There are various types of campsites in the world, but ones we can promise are unique, local and ones surrounded by beautiful nature! 

A fun way to plan your next holiday or weekend getaway is to choose your campspaces based on the landscapes of your preference. Breathe the cool and crisp mountain air and get a view of the charming local towns or perhaps the vast ocean. Majestic mountains will never fail you, if you feel stressed from work, we can assure you that your problems will feel small when you are hundreds of meters above the sea. Combine your mountain experience with lots of trees and experience the peacefulness of forests.

Find a campsace with or by bodies of water! Appreciate the sunlight bounce off the water, or perhaps the incredible reflection of nature itself. From beach camping to lake camping, it’s all possible. Whatever you choose, know that you deserve a true break, and nature will very much help you relax. 

Camping activities 

Choosing the kind of nature you want may overlap with what activities you want to do. Is your holiday motivated by the idea of going waterskiing and just want a good beach campsite? Perhaps you want a more peaceful experience and go biking through the hills, so you can get yourself a countryside campspace! Either way, all our hosts have a list of activities that are available to do in the area. The list is limited in the way that you can bring your own games or think of new ones. So, bring Kubb, a soccer ball, a deck of cards or anything else you would like to spend time doing! 

All this is of course amazing to do with great company, however, solo travelling is just as incredible. Experience downtime and do the things you want to do in nature without having to consider anyone else! Want more quiet campspaces? We have got you covered.

So what are you waiting for! Your nature camping experiences are just around the corner! Loving nature a lot? Consider camping in the forest, camping near the beach or farm campsites near you! Staying at a lake campsite is a good idea too. Into sustainability? Then book one of our eco-campsites.

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