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Reconnect Outside
Mini campings in the woods

Mini campings in the woods

The scent of the forest is something that immediately gives you the feeling of freedom and tranquility. Discover these unique mini campsites located in the forest

Camping in the woods

Many people suffer from the increasing workload, the noise in their living environment, and the constant digital information to which they are exposed. Are you ready for a break and are you looking for a way to escape the daily hectic? Go camp in the forest!

The forest is the ideal place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city today. The forest reduces stress and ensures that you breathe cleaner air.

Nature, and therefore also the forest, bring you back into contact with yourself so that you can think more clearly about things and put problems into perspective. Because what could be more restful than waking up to the sound of birds singing, falling leaves, and the sun shining into your tent? Camping in the forest makes you sharper and ensures that you see things from a different perspective.

Give yourself a creativity boost

In the forest, you are surrounded by colors including red, orange, and brown. When you are exposed to this combination of colors for a while, your creativity is stimulated which makes you more creative. 

Strengthen your immune system

In addition to strengthening your creativity, camping in the forest also strengthens your immune system. In the forest, you are surrounded by trees and all kinds of other plants. These trees and plants spread substances that strengthen our immune system, making you less likely to catch a cold, for example.

Camping in the forest is the ideal way to discover new places and see things more clearly so that you can face future challenges with a blank slate.

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