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Micro Adventure

Micro Adventure

Looking for a micro adventure? Below are various campspaces where you can fulfil your needs for adventure!

Micro adventure 

Ever feel like you need a small change in scenery? Want to go on holiday, but you can’t go away for a long time? Well, we’re happy to provide the option of a micro adventure to you! 

A micro adventure is an overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable for normal people”. It's short travel that is close to home and for people to just enjoy time in nature. There is no hard definition, and travellers can choose what a micro adventure is to them, however, it is most certainly easy, accessible, sustainable, and perfect for you!

At campspace, micro adventures are part of our mission and values. Choosing holiday trips or weekend getaways closer to home is not only sustainable, but you’ll be surprised with the beauty of nature you have in your own country! 

Where to go on a micro adventure 

Micro adventures make you appreciate the little things in life because you’re truly taking a break for yourself. You put in the efforts to pack your things, book a place, and travel to it, just like a holiday trip abroad! 

From forests, mountains, meadows or the beach, the options are various! Not to mention what type of accommodation you’d like. Would you like to pitch your own tent in a little food forest? Want to go glamping near the beach? Fancy bringing your camper and enjoying a trip to the lake? Well, it’s all possible! 

Think about what you want to do as well. If you love water sports, consider heading to the coast or to a campspace by a lake. You can go kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. If you love to go cycling, consider the countryside, where there’s endless space to cover! If you love to just take it easy and walk or hike, then consider a forest


So what are you waiting for? Your micro adventure is just around the corner!

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