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Reconnect Outside
“It is always a pleasure to welcome people on an adventure!”

“It is always a pleasure to welcome people on an adventure!”

The Campspace host Lea and her family live in idyllic surroundings only 3 kilometres from the Danish city of Thy, in a calm place surrounded by forest and fields.

The Campspace host Lea and her family live in idyllic surroundings only 3 kilometres from the Danish city of Thy, in a calm place surrounded by forest and fields.

“We have lived here for almost 11 years, and we will stay here forever” Lea explains, as she genuinely loves her life in her peaceful surroundings with her boyfriend and four children.

Hosts and hospitality

The fantastic hosts in the Campspace community make it possible for outdoor enthusiasts, campers and adventurous souls to be inspired and visit beautiful places in nature. Furthermore, the diverse types of accommodation available on the platform enable guests to always find a campspace that exactly fits their individual needs.

The hosts take great part in realising Campspace’s vision of getting more people out into nature, reconnecting outside and spending time with their loved ones. Guests and hosts alike agree that Campspace is a platform and springboard for memorable experiences and we are very proud to champion our hosts, who show a great amount of hospitality, flexibility and caring for their guests.

Leas Campspace adventure

In the northwestern corner of Denmark, a host named Lea lives in the scenic Thy. At Lea’s campspace, you can stay in one of two self-built shelters, along with the open air pitches.

“There used to be a dense forest where our place is today, but we cut down some trees and bought shelters, tables and benches. Then we split the woods, which now forms a circle that surrounds the shelters. We built the fireplace using sea urchins we found by the fjord. It all belongs together and we are very proud of the place.”

Lea has been a Campspace host for several years, but she remembers signing up as a host as being a ‘super easy’ and intuitive experience. She sees the platform as a great opportunity to create awareness about her campspace and the opportunities within the area. Lea is an expert at sharing insider tips and explaining what experiences are available in the area. Next to being a Campspace host, Lea also works as a project manager at VisitThy and is the owner of an influencer company named “Island-hoppers”. Lea explains,“My experience from the tourism organisation is beneficial for the visitors on my campspace, as they have access to brochures and I’m always there to give them a quick rundown of the nice spots to see in Thy while they’re here. So it goes very well together.”

Hosting with Campspace

While Lea’s background does come in handy, you certainly don’t need to know and share all tourist information to be a host. Besides providing tips, Lea highlights how her guests appreciate the nice décor of the shelter area and easy access to electricity and water. A lot of guests also value that Lea is never far away and available for questions about directions or recommendations for the trip during the day. There’s no doubt about how much the guests like visiting Lea’s campspace and enjoying the beautiful, natural surroundings, but at the same time they value the good facilities at the shelter.

As a host, Lea welcomes friends, families, couples and some who wander alone. She’s made sure that her campspace has a little bit for everybody.

But what exactly does Lea herself get out of being a host?

“It’s always a pleasure to welcome people who are setting out on an adventure. Most people have a story to tell and they like to talk, which is really nice!”

Things don’t always go as planned, however. In the summer of 2021 Lea’s campspace was quite busy, which meant that her space was often already fully booked if someone dropped by without booking in advance.

One night, two German girls came by who had been cycling all day. They really needed a place to sleep, but as the shelters were already occupied, Lea worked with them to figure out a solution. They ended up accommodating themselves under the birch trees under their tarp. The girls and Lea both had a fun experience navigating this challenge, making a good situation out of an unexpected turn of events.

The many friendly encounters and positive experiences associated with hosting far outweigh any challenges. This is one of Lea’s main motivations for welcoming guests as a Campspace host, but it also comes with a responsibility. For example, Lea offers breakfast on her campspace, which means she always needs to be prepared.

“Offering breakfast means that we need to be aware of the calendar and we need to mark the booking calendar as unavailable if we are not physically present at our campspace. When we offer breakfast as an extra, it’s important that we’re here when the guests are, otherwise we’re unable to deliver on our promise.”

Reconnect outside

An important point Lea wishes to share both with her own children and Campspace guests, is how we should take care of our planet.

“I think it’s important that we all take responsibility in regards to our nature and our planet. Furthermore, it’s important that we teach our children about nature and how important it is to our existence.”

Besides this understanding we gain from being in nature, Lea also feels sure that nature has the effect of creating tranquillity in our bodies and makes it possible to be more present, especially when you aren’t disturbed by external noise all the time.

Many Campspace guests have had the same experience, when they leave the bustling city for only one or two nights to spend time in beautiful nature areas with only the basic facilities. It’s a core belief of our company that these experiences should be available for as many people as possible – but this is only possible with the help of our hosts, who make a piece of their land accessible to guests via Campspace.

What Campspace hosts often have in common is that they truly value their home and are proud to share it with others. Lea confirms: “Our place is unique, and the absolute darling on my property is the old oak tree in the middle of the garden that is more than 100 years old!”

Whether you have old oak trees, fields, a garden or a farm you wish to share with others, then please consider becoming part of the Campspace community.

Thank you very much to Lea and her family for this inspiring story.

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