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Reconnect Outside
How Job and his family experienced Campspace

How Job and his family experienced Campspace

Campspace gives you the opportunity to reconnect outside and camp at microcampings in The Netherlands.

Campspace gives you the opportunity to reconnect outside and camp at micro campings in The Netherlands. Sounds already fantastic? This year especially, we choose to stay for our holidays in the Netherlands and stay safe. 

One of our guests Job describes his experience with Campspace. This friendly campspace in The Netherlands was loved and highly recommended by Job and his family.

It was our first experience with Campspace and we immediately liked it! The contact with Eva was very nice and warm…we immediately had the feeling that we have the same experience with camping. The place was a perfect, nice wide view and very spacious.

The experience was also memorable for the little campers of the family:

The children soon had their hands full with all the animals; pigs, sheep, chickens, cats, and the dog walked around happily. And of course, the trampoline was a hit. 

What Job suggests to you, the future guests?

As a tip for future visitors, I would definitely recommend to bring walking shoes and go for a walk in the nearby nature reserves, such as the beautiful pools at De Kampina. The villages in the area are also charming. In short, a nice place, nice hostess, and beautiful surroundings…and we will definitely return.

We provide many locations in The Netherlands where you can choose your type of vacation. For example, are you a real nature lover? We have plenty of campsites close to nature and animals, where you can reconnect with your companion and find yourself. Do you feel the need of camping but with more amenities and luxury? We have Glamping options for you. Do you want to camp in a tent or in a vintage caravan? Whatever you prefer for vacation, Campspace has all the options for your next staylocal camping experience.

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