Green Tourism: A New Aspect of Your Life

Green tourism is the action, consciousness, and decisions to participate in a tourist activity operating in an environmentally friendly matter.

“Green”, a color and a symbol for multiple things in our lives. From wealth to freshness, a positive change, to proceed or keep going, nature, luck, and more. Green tourism is the action, consciousness, and decisions to participate in a tourist activity operating in an environmentally friendly matter. Examples of green tourism can be exploring your local environment, staying and supporting accommodation businesses that actively work towards being sustainable, or investing in a campervan and touring with that.  

Green Decisions

As climate change becomes a more threatening global issue, it is vital for change to occur within our society. There is no end goal with sustainability. Sustainability is a journey and thus, it is more about the trip to the destination, than the destination itself. The most important thing to know and remember about sustainability is that it shouldn’t have to be difficult or make your life less fun. When we think of sustainability, we often think about activities or decisions that may seem completely different from the lifestyle we have now. It might be difficult to start living a sustainable life if all we think about are the sacrifices you have to make to give up the comfort of your lifestyle you currently have. However, that is far from what sustainability is, and it’s not about who is the most sustainable. 

Changing habits takes time and starting small will go a long way than to not start at all! Just like implementing more fruits and vegetables in our diets, whether it's investing in more sustainable but long-lasting products, or reducing our carbon footprint, sustainability can easily be part of our daily life. 

Green Destinations

Now that green tourism and green decisions have been discussed, knowing which green destinations to visit is the next important step in implementing sustainable travel into your life. If you want to know more about how to be a sustainable traveler, we’ve broken it down into 5 steps in this article.

All our hosts are practicing sustainability in some way, however, we want to bring light to 5 in particular that are working on providing a green destination. A green destination and an opportunity for you to start or continue your sustainable journey of life. 

 In no particular order, here is a list of 5 green destinations you can visit:

1. IJhorst, NL

Bringing emotion and art into sustainability, Ursula wrote a poem as her description to her campspace. Using visual and auditory imagery, this host paints a clear picture of what to expect. Instead of technological alarm clocks, the birds or frogs act as one. You can choose to shelter under oak trees or fruit trees where you can spend time listening to the nature around you in peace. Furthermore, Ursula encourages you to take your trash with you, while compost can be left behind. She even takes it a step further and suggests that you donate any fridge magnets that you don’t want, to her. You can visit her campspace here!

2. Tjalleberd, NL

Another green destination is Nelleke’s campspace with pigs, chickens and strawberries. Sleeping in their food forest, using their compost toilet, and outdoor water tap is a very green experience. Food forests are what can sustain individuals throughout a season based on what types of fruits and vegetables they grow! Food forests also encourage healthy ecosystems, giving back to the environment. Activities such as swimming, biking in various locations are possible around the area. Eating vegetables and strawberries from May to September is also welcome. You can visit her campspace here!

3. Ternat, BE

A farm located at the end of a dead-end gravel road at the edge of the forest, is surrounded by flowers, fruit trees, sheep, chickens, owls, roe deer and more. Camping in Frank’s garden is a green destination you must add to your list. A ballroom is also present where sustainable dance parties are held when camping people are not present is also a unique experience! In addition to a regular bathroom, there is also an eco dry toilet. 

If you wish to use extra utilities such as electricity or the pop kitchen, you must pay extra. Frank also encourages travelers to sort and take your waste with you due to the ecological focused environment. You can visit his campspace here!

4. Drouwenerveen, NL

At the foot of the Hondsrug in Drenthe lives Harro, a Campspace host living a sustainable lifestyle while providing an opportunity for travelers. Guests can stay in his rapidly growing food forest providing multiple intimate places. While facilities are accessible, camping off grid is the green option, and offers a rich experience connecting with the hosts. Waste is also encouraged to be brought with you. The accommodation Harro has available are restored retro caravans of over 40 years on the camping field. You can visit his campspace here!

5. Boerakker, NL

This green destination is hosted by Job and together with his partner, 3 children, a dog, chickens and pigs, they’re hosting a food forest campspace. Job and his family are trying to live consciously, spending time and giving back to the nature around them. Step by step, they work towards being more self-sufficient. By growing vegetables, and taking care of their food forest all year long, they practice a sustainable lifestyle all while improving their habits. In a retro camper, your green destination is guaranteed to leave a green footprint all while experiencing a relaxing time. You can visit his campspace here!

Now that you’re very familiar with “green” as an important aspect of life, we encourage you to have a look at how green of a traveler you are depending on your accommodation and transportation choices.

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