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Farm Camping UK

Farm Camping UK

Are you looking to go farm camping in the UK? Below you’ll find options for your next holiday!

Farm Camping UK

Farm Camping UK

Farm camping is perfect for anyone who loves animals, wants to eat fresh organic and produce, families with kids, groups of friends, anyone who wants to learn more about farm-life, or for anyone who wants to try something new! Camping at a farm is a whole package of fun, relaxation, activity, education, and so much more! 

The UK has multiple lovely farms to visit and support. Wake up to curious cows, roaming chickens, singing birds, happy dogs, and other animals. If you’re a single traveller but wouldn’t mind the company of some animals, consider visiting a farm.

What is farm camping like?

Expect curious animals, different sounds, and a lot of cuteness and fun! Farm camping is a great way to let kids learn about animals and let them run around in large green areas. Pet the goats, or feed the horses! Our hosts will most likely be happy to give you a tour of their home and tell you all about what you’re welcome to do. If spending time with animals in the day wasn’t enough, you can frolic in the fields or explore the area by cycling. 

Whether you choose to pet the farm animals and befriend a cow or go for a walk in the countryside, you’ll be happy you booked your holiday at a farm. Bring your closest friends or your family! Play some card games in the peaceful meadows, pick a spot where you can watch the sheep relax. Sit till sunset and watch as the golden light surrounds you. If you’re a morning person, which is perfect if you’re staying at a farm, you can maybe try to catch the sunrise and hear the rooster get to work!


So if you were looking for a sign to go farm camping, this is it! Don’t wait!

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