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Reconnect Outside
Far from town

Far from town

Do you want to escape the busy city life? Here you're far away from the noisy city. You won't hear much more than the birds and the bees. Your adventure starts as soon as you're mapping out your route to get here!

To completely unwind, it is nice to step far away from your work, both literally and figuratively. Escape the city and discover nature. You will notice that your stress is gone within a day. You will never find all the hustle and bustle that the city brings in the surroundings of this Campspace. All you will find is peace.

You rarely see wild animals in the city, let alone a lot of nature. Of course you will find that on the outskirts of the city. But it still feels very different when you are far away from the city. The air is cleaner so you can see the stars better at night. The air also smells better, fresher, because you are within pure nature.

Camping out of town

Far away from the city you often have very nice local eateries, shops, or other things to visit such as nature reserves or lakes. So you always have something to do when you are looking for some activities during your weekend out camping. Or you choose to completely unwind and do nothing at all. Which is also very tasty.

Whatever you choose, we have it for you. Nice camping at the farm or cozy with your pet. Or are you looking for a litlle more privacy and do you want to camp romantically with your partner.

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