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Cool campsites for your Skootra adventure

Cool campsites for your Skootra adventure

Are you going on a trip with a Skootra? This is a list of cool campspaces within driving distance.


If you’re looking for a new way to travel and feel the open breeze on your face, you may want to hear more about Skootra. Skootra is a company that makes the journey part of the fun, with retro travel and camping scooters for rent.

Rent a scooter from Skootra and experience the freedom of winding country roads without a motorcycle license. Explore new towns and cities without crowds, traffic jams and parking problems. Get out and sleep in places rarely seen before.

The scooters available for rent can be adjusted to your wishes and needs. Whether you’re going on a city trip or a camping weekend, your scooter can be outfitted with the accessories needed to make your trip a roaring success. 

What is a camping scooter exactly?

Skootra’s camping scooters feature a phone holder, power bank, waterproof backpack, fasteners, a first aid kit, raincoat and trousers, multifunctional suitcases that attach to the sides, sleeping accessories, a cool box, cooking tools and utensils, table, chairs, a tent, a head lamp and table lamp. These camping scooters have basically everything you need to have a great time outside solo or with friends. All you need to pack in your suitcases is some clothes, toiletries, food and a towel, if you intend on using one!

Where should I stay with my camping scooter?

The options for places to stay become endless with a camping scooter. You can visit any campspace that has space for a tent and your accompanying cooking and dining set up. Try planning a route to visit several campspaces and discover beautiful scenery along the way. 

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