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Campsites by a river

Choose campsites by a river for a true nature experience. Rushing water, fresh air, flora and fauna

Campsites by a river

Nothing beats camping by the water. On a hot day, the rushing rapids provides a wonderful coolness. Dive into the water when it gets too hot, hire a canoe, sunbathe, fish or sit in silence to watch the wildlife. A river is a hotbed of natural activity and has a soothing presence that can aid in being mindful. 

There are several stunning campsites to camp by a river on Campspace. Choose a campsite by the sea, for example, or a campsite by a lake or river, whichever you prefer. 

Tip: you can also find great glamping spots by the water or camper van sites.

Campsites near rivers or water

It is easy to find a camping pitch by the water at Campspace. Don't expect large campsites with their own restaurants and play areas though. The pitches you can book through Campspace are quiet, small-scale and ideal for enjoying nature undisturbed. On top of this, they are often equipped with a nice hot shower and a toilet. Our hosts are committed to sustainability so oftentimes they have a composting toilet or a shower that is heated by sunlight! 

There is plenty to do around our campsites by a river. Hiking through a nature reserve, cycling along the waterfront or any local watersports. Ask your host for tips on the best nature spots and restaurants to visit. There's no better way to enjoy your camping holiday by the water. 

Which campsites by a river do you want to visit?

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