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Camping Near Beach UK

Camping Near Beach UK

Looking to go camping near the beach in the UK? Below is a list of campspaces where you can get your beach experience!

Camping near the beach UK

What do you think of when going on a holiday? Many travellers instantly think of going somewhere warm and where there’s a beach! And we understand the reasons why. Drinking a cold beer or cocktail when it’s hot out, there’s a light breeze, your skin smells of sunscreen, and everyone is happy. 

The fun thing about camping near a beach is that the most beautiful beaches aren’t only fine sand and salty water! Beaches are so diverse, you can have lake beaches, river beaches, pond beaches and of course sea beaches. Many of our hosts have lovely gardens, and green spaces located near beautiful waters for you to enjoy a day full of beach and water activities.

Activities range from kayaking, canoeing, rafting, swimming, fishing and so much more! You can also be creative and bring your own volleyball, for example. 

In fact, the local lake beaches can sometimes be better for many reasons. For example, fine sand won’t get in everything you own, lake water is a little warmer, lake beaches are much less crowded and so you can have a more private beach! However, all beaches are gorgeous. It's all about experiencing each type of beach at least once in your life!

Camping by the sea UK

Camping by the sea is still most people’s favourite because of the view of the horizon, not to mention the sunsets you can watch. The UK has a coastline of over 12,000 kilometres, allowing lots of opportunities to enjoy the beach. 

Our hosts are also always happy to give you tips on where the best seafood restaurants are! Support the local pubs and restaurants because working towards a circular economy is an important and sustainable action. 

So what are you waiting for! Your hosts are welcoming you near the beaches, and your adventure is just around the corner! Are you more of a mountain person? Check out our mountain campsites!

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