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Camping for Beginners UK

Camping for Beginners UK

Looking for places to go camping for beginners in the UK? Here is a list of campspaces that are easy, beautiful and fun to visit!

Camping for beginners UK

Welcome to the beautiful world and community of camping! Like everything, camping has its stereotypes, but we are here to break them! Camping does not have to be or look as difficult, uncomfortable, or dangerous as it seems or have heard of. We will help you understand the different ways you can camp, so you can be off to your amazing adventure. 

Camping is for all types of travellers. Even those who prefer luxury experiences! Below are ways you can camp, based on how you would like to sleep in nature. This is an easy way of starting out because how you sleep and stay at a campspace is how you will determine how comfortable and relaxed you are! 

Tent camping 

Tent camping is a classic and the basic type of camping. Back-to-basic camping, known as bamping or wild camping, can be both easy and more difficult depending on what kind of tent you have, and if you’re travelling alone. It’s a cosy and great way to get to know nature very well because you choose where to pitch your tent! Only a thin, durable material is separating you from nature when you sleep. This allows for fresh air and easiness to set up and down. Everyone should try tent camping at least once in their life!

Motorhome camping

Whether you want to rent a motorhome, you want to buy one, or you already have one, motorhome camping is both a luxurious and convenient way of camping! Here is a list of motorhome campsites in the UK. You’re basically driving in your home! You have all your belongings and necessities where you sleep. Furthermore, you can also wake up to a new view every day easily, so it’s a great way to explore multiple campspaces in a week, for example. 


The most luxurious way of camping is glamping in a yurt, big tent, cabin, bungalow, or other accommodation with special utilities! Where comfort meets nature, it’s the best of both worlds, and also a much more sustainable option than booking a hotel. You barely need to prepare anything for glamping, just bring yourself! Maybe you want a more classic camping experience, but still have access to facilities, well campsites with ensuite facilities, is a great option for you! 

Hammock camping 

Lighter than a tent, bring your portable cocoon with you to the forest and sleep in a hammock! Here is a list of hammock camping sites you can go to. Hammock’s are extremely easy to set up, bring with you, and a great way to camp. Hanging between two trees, sleep safely above the ground and wake up to a great view. In the forest, you have endless angles, heights, and locations to choose from. Hang up your hammock, so you’re facing the east, and wake up to the morning sun, for example! Bring your rain tarp and sleep in the rain with no problem. Fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of raindrops falling on leaves and softly onto the ground. 

Camping activities for beginners 

Check out our host’s page and see what the available activities are for that area! You can always ask your host for what the best local or natural experiences are, and they will be happy to help.

Water sports like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and more are fun if you're around a body of water. Biking, hiking, wild-life watching, stargazing, and so much more are also possible. You can always be creative and bring a deck of cards, Kubb, or experiment with  camping meals!

No matter what you choose, your campspace experience will guarantee to be a trip of relaxation, adventure, or however you wish it to be. So don’t wait, your new camping adventure is around the corner!

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