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Reconnect Outside
Camping comfort no matter the season

Camping comfort no matter the season

We set out on our journey to recharge our batteries in nature and exploring the country. One of the campspaces we visited was Frank & Dorreth's cosy paradise, which will surely entice even the biggest hibernators to venture outdoors!

Camping comfort no matter the season

Frank and Dorreth have enjoyed the sunset views on their spacious plot of land near National Park De Maasduinen for 31 years. Situated near the border to Germany, their village of Siebengewald was largely constructed on land reclaimed from bogs surrounding the river dunes. The result is wide open fields with views for miles and a lush forest landscape with beautiful vistas in the nearby park.   You can visit Frank and Dorreth’s campspace with your own tent, camper(van) or caravan and enjoy their lovely wellness facilities: an outdoor hot tub and sauna. 

My name is Elisabeth and together with my Campspace colleague Pleun, I went on a road trip through the Netherlands this autumn. With a campervan rented through Goboony, we set out on our journey with the aim of  recharging our batteries in nature and exploring the country. One of the campspaces we visited was Frank & Dorreth's cosy paradise, which will surely entice even the biggest hibernators to venture outdoors in the colder seasons!

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maasduinen wellness

Enjoying nature in autumn and winter 🍁 ❄️

It’s extra important to think about your mental health during colder seasons when the days are short. Sunlight, fresh air, exercise and some extra self-care can all help with this - and it's all there for the taking at Frank & Dorreth's campspace. Not only is the campspace ideally located, in the middle of nature and surrounded by hiking and cycling routes - the facilities here are also impressive. For example, you can relax in the hot tub after a hike through the Maasduinen. The wide views from the meadow and the silence of the surroundings allow you to completely unwind. What makes the place even nicer? You can bring your own dog and (in consultation) even your horse, might you have one. 

Frank and Dorreth's space 

Frank and Dorreth have lived on their piece of land for over three decades and run their campspace since 2019.. Dorreth tells us: 'I had read about the concept of Campspace somewhere in a booklet or magazine in 2018, where people can camp in the backyards of others.' This really appealed to them both,so they decided to rearrange part of their own garden to accommodate their own camping and camper pitches. Their horses had to give up a small part of the garden, but fortunately the couple’s large piece of land allowed more than enough grazing room for the animals.

You can see the attention to detail and love that Frank and Dorreth have put into their campspace everywhere when you walk around this campspace. You can't miss the fact that they are both hard workers and are very handy, because a lot has been built by themselves, something that certainly enhances the unique atmosphere of the campspace. We aren’t surprised when Frank tells us about his own motorhome and interior construction company. He proudly shows off two campervans that he has converted: a beautiful small firetruck and a modern Volkswagen van, in which everything is cleverly equipped with efficient, space-saving amenities. If you’d like to have your own van converted into a campervan, then Frank is your guy! See a picture of one of his vans below. 

paradise for campervans

Reconnecting outside

We asked Frank and Dorreth what people most like about their campspace. They don’t hesitate to share : 'The peace, quiet, freedom and the fact that you can light a campfire here. Also, the beautiful sunrise, which can be seen from all over the grounds.' 

Dorreth says that guests like the fact that while everything is possible here, their guests don’t feel pressure to do anything at all. This is also how Pleun and I experienced our visit. When we ask about their most memorable hosting moment, Frank and Dorreth stop to think for a moment. They look back warmly on various moments, but for Frank, one in particular stands out. He launches into a story about Corona time, when social distancing had its heyday. 'We made a campfire with a group of guests and we were still able to roast toasties safely around the fire with ample social distancing. Unexpectedly getting together with people in one place like that during Corona, I really liked that.' 

The space on Frank and Dorreth's campspace is large, so even if several guests are staying, each will still have plenty of privacy.

Sharing is caring

For Frank and Dorreth, sharing their garden with others is  a key reason for getting started with Campspace. Frank says: 'People who live a more cramped lifestyle in the city can enjoy the space and calmness here, and I in turn enjoy their enjoyment of those very things!'

Dorreth recalls guests who have returned several times, because they appreciate the peace and quiet so much. 'We’ve had the opportunity to receive people who suffered from long covid,who felt much more recharged after a week's stay. In the city where they live, there are too many stimuli. Here they can enjoy silence and nature. For me, it feels really good to be able to share our land in such a way with people who don't have the space themselves.' 

maasduinen wellness campsite

A campspace for everyone

What perhaps inspires us most is when Dorreth talks about something that is close to their hearts: that their garden should remain a place for everyone. Dorreth explains: 'We want it to be possible for people on a smaller budget to stay with us too, so we don't do it for the money and we keep prices as low as we can. Besides that, almost everything we do earn from our campspace, we invest back into the facilities and the garden'

One of the investments they have made after a few years is to build an outdoor cottage with a luxurious sauna and massage shower. Right next to it, there’s an outdoor, wood-fired hot tub and a lounge for wellness guests. These wellness amenities can be booked by those looking to put a luxurious twist on their camping stay.

The other available facilities at the campspace are held  to similarly high standards. All guests have access to a toilet, a wood-fired shower and campfire facilities. They can also enjoy free eggs from the couple’s chickens, which can be found in a cosy and convenient chicken coop. In short: no matter your style, a comfortable and relaxing stay is definitely possible.

Spend the night at Frank and Dorreth's campspace

Having seen our fair share of campspaces throughout our time, we were re incredibly charmed  by Frank and Dorreth's campspace and definitely recommend a stay here! The good news is, you can book for autumn, winter, spring or summer – Frank and Dorreth welcome their guests with open arms in all seasons. Go on a hiking adventure in the Maasduinen, enjoy stoking a campfire and recharge completely through time spent with loved ones in the peace and quiet. 

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