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5 reasons to become a Campspace host

5 reasons to become a Campspace host

Five ways joining the Campspace hosting community will enrich your life. There’s really so much more to being a host than just earning money!

You may be hearing about this hosting business for the first time, or you might have been contemplating becoming a Campspace host already. Whether you need that last little push to convince you to take this next step in your life, or you’re curious what becoming a Campspace host is all about. we’re here to point out 5 unique ways in which joining our hosting community at Campspace will benefit and enrich your life. There’s really so much more to being a host than just earning a little extra money, although that doesn’t hurt either of course!

Meet new people

As a host you’ll have the freedom to either provide a self check-in service or welcome your guests in person. If you choose the latter, you’ll be meeting new people nearly every time someone books a pitch at your Campspace. Who knows, you might hit it off and decide to join them for a drink around a campfire! You’ll meet people from all walks of life that have a common passion for the outdoors and sustainable travel, not to mention a deep respect for nature.

Host: Janneke
Photographer: Luis Boullosa

Grow and develop your skills

As a Campspace host, you are in fact a small business owner. You’ll develop useful skills and grow your business experience. You are in control of what you want to offer your guests, so you can keep things basic or you can go all out with additional services like rental bikes and guided trips. If you like to grow vegetables and fruit in your garden, you could start selling fresh produce or even create and offer a cooking course of some kind. The sky’s the limit! Start hosting and watch your skills as a business owner grow while developing yourself as a person.

Enjoy a life of variety

Being a host injects diversity into your day-to-day life! Many hosts combine hosting with an entirely different job. Being able to focus on something different every once in a while might give you the variety you need to feel more fulfilled in your work. As a host you decide when your pitches are available for bookings, which gives you a lot of freedom to combine hosting with lots of other things in life like your work, social engagements and holidays.

Host: Sander and Marjan
Photographer: Luis Boullosa

Promote sustainable travel

Despite its advantages, it’s undeniable that long-haul travel is negatively impacting our environment. As a host and proponent of local travel, you’ll directly contribute to a more sustainable travelling market. You’ll be providing people in your community and beyond the option to travel more sustainably, more frequently and more close to home. Showing people that adventure and the joys of nature can be reached without hopping on a plane is essential to fostering a thoughtful approach to travel. We want everyone to feel revitalised after driving only a short distance, biking or using public transportation to a campspace. This is in fact one of Campspace’s most important missions and together with you, our hosts, we’ll be able to make a positive impact on slowing down climate change.

Share your space

One of the most rewarding things in life is sharing. Sharing information, passions, ideas, memories but also your favourite views, experiences and physical locations. The world is becoming more and more densely populated and sharing our favourite spots is not only rewarding, but also fun! You’ll be seeing others enjoy the space you have carefully created for yourself and your loved ones. Whether it's your small garden or a huge piece of land, sharing the place you feel most at home gives others a chance to see the world through your eyes. When you’re hosting, you’ll regularly witness your guests making memories that will last them a lifetime.

Host: Ineke
Photographer: Thijs v.d. Burg
Host Joel
Photographer: Stijn Hoekstra

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