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5 items to take with you on a hike

5 items to take with you on a hike

Together with Cortazu, we created a list of recommended clothing to take with you on your next hike!

5 items to take with you on a hike

Once you've decided on a route, it's time to consider what you'll wear for comfort and protection against the weather conditions. To make hiking enjoyable, the things you take with you need to be functional, lightweight and durable. It is better to think through everything to the smallest detail in advance than forget something important or, on the contrary, take something inconvenient or unnecessary. Together with Cortazu, we created a list of recommended clothing to take with you on your next hike!

What is Cortazu?

Cortazu are a Dutch brand selling outdoor premium clothing at unprecedented value. Something worth mentioning is the emphasis it puts on sustainability matters. Together with Justdiggit Cortazu is re-greening land with the ultimate purpose to cool down the planet. The quality, on the other hand, is also exceptional! A team of outdoor experts creates each product in-house. From hidden pockets to embroidered logos on the sleeves, Cortazu put a lot of thought into the small elements to make your hiking experience more enjoyable. The company's mission will always be to combine sustainability and functionality without sacrificing style or performance.

What To Wear When Hiking?

For active outdoor activities (where you cannot control the weather and ambient temperature) such as hiking, it is important to combine layers of clothing so that you can autonomously regulate your body temperature when the weather or your activity level changes.

Classic clothing that is used for such layering are the base layer, a layer of thermal insulation, and the rain jacket. The combination of this clothing will prepare you for changing weather conditions. Continue reading to learn more about the different layers and get you prepared for your next campspace trip!

●        A base layer's function is to move sweat away from your skin, as it’s the next-to-skin layer. Its primary function is to keep your body temperature stable by retaining heat and wicking moisture away. Merino wool fabric is a good choice as it has insulating properties and excellent moisture wicking. Synthetic base layers are also beneficial, as they quickly dry in hot or cold conditions.

●        The Mid-Layer is the insulation layer, which should provide your warmth. Usually, your mid-layer is either a fleece or an insulated jacket. The Cortazu Fleece Jacket (All Round) features a Hi-Tech polyester fabric which is warm, durable and breathable, therefore perfect for layering in cold conditions.

●        Another option for the insulation layer is the Cortazu Mid-Layer (All Season). It is lightweight and made of the Airtastic™ fabric from Toray which is super soft, breathable and easy to pack. The mid-layer is a lightly insulated high-performance jacket, perfect for a wide variety of activities and suitable for all seasons. It is also lightly insulated and water-resistant (DWR).

In milder weather, you may not need anything over your mid layer, but if the weather gets colder, you'll need an outer shell.

●        If you do not have the outer layer, yet you need some extra warmth the Mountain Mid-Layer is a good alternative to the All Season Mid-Layer. The Mountain Mid-layer jacket is highly breathable and warm, perfect just as a standalone piece. It is fully insulated, making it ideal for the fall and winter seasons. Being also water resistant and windproof, it will make it easier for you to deal with unexpected weather.

 ●        The Outer Layer or the Protective layer is needed to protect you from wind and precipitation, depending on weather conditions. The Hard Shell fulfills these needs perfectly. Either a Cortazu Hard Shell (All Season) or a Cortazu Hard Shell (All Round) would work well for this purpose. Both are made of Dermizax®EV, which is 100% waterproof and windproof while remaining breathable under active conditions. In addition, both are packed with various features such as waterproof zippers, phone pocket, sunglasses wiper, key cords and others.

Naturally, you won't require everything mentioned on the list. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a system that works for you. Select solely the items you actually need for your specific hiking trip, taking into account the location and the climate! Campspace offers a variety of accommodations to match you specific hiking trip. Check out our spaces across Europe and don't forget to pack your new Cortazu jacket.

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