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We love to inspire you to get outside during this Winter Holiday 2024. Stay in your own region, or explore a different place.

Winter Holiday 2024 is already upon us!

Before you know it, it will be time for the Winter Holiday 2024. Do you already have plans, or are you still in the orientation phase? We are very happy to inspire you on this page to get out into nature and recharge in the fresh air. Take your children, friends, partner or other family members to a campspace and enjoy the spring weather. On this page, we take you through the options. 

winter holiday 2023 with alpacas

Winter Holiday 2024

When does this holiday take place?

The holiday is best known in The Netherlands and Belgium as the as the start of better weather. It's name in Dutch, 'Krokusvakantie' refers to all the crocuses and other flowers that shoot out of the ground during this period. Actually, this period heralds spring, making it the ideal time of year to go out into nature. But what exactly is there to experience per region and when does spring break fall exactly where you live? We'll let you know below!

Winter Holiday in the North of The Netherlands

In the northern provinces there is plenty of nature to enjoy in spring. Friesland with its beautiful lakes, Drenthe with its megalithic tombs and forests and Groningen with its charming coastline and characteristic villages, but Noord-Holland, Overijssel and Flevoland (except for the municipality of Zeewolde) also fall into the northern region. Some parts of this region lends itself perfectly to cycling during those early days of spring, as the bulb-growing region comes into bloom here. In Flevoland, you can explore the Oostvaardersplassen all year round and in Overijssel, there are beautiful natural areas with country estates around the Overijsselse Vecht river. In Overijssel, for example, check out Zuzan's mini campsite, where she has built a unique cottage. 

Winter Holiday 2024 north takes place from 17 February to 25 February. 

Winter Holiday in the middle of The Netherlands

The middle region includes the provinces South Holland, the municipality of Zeewolde in Flevoland, the municipality of Altena in North Brabant and all but the municipality of Eemnes in Utrecht. In addition, a large part of Gelderland falls within the middle region. Unsure about which municipalities of Gelderland belong to the middle region? Then check the government website. 

The Winter Holiday 2024 middle, or crocus holiday 2024 also takes place from 17 February to 25 February. 

Winter Holiday in the south of The Netherlands

The other half of the municipalities of Gelderland belong to the region south, along with Limburg, Zeeland and all the municipalities of North Brabant, except Woudrichem, the towns of Sleeuwijk, Nieuwendijk and Werkendam in the municipality of Altena. Check the exact municipalities on the government website here. 

Limburg is of course known for its vast dune areas with hiking and cycling trails. These are fine destinations in spring for couples and for families. North Brabant has naturally aligned its crocus holidays with the Carnival festivities, so children can fully enjoy this. You might not have thought of it right away, but during Carnival you can also choose to sleep in a tent, so you wake up refreshed for the next day's activities. Or maybe carnival isn't quite your thing and you can escape the crowds and head into nature during Winter Holiday.

Winter Holiday 2024 south is just a little earlier than the other regions, from 10 February to 18 February 2024. 

winter holiday 2023 with a campervan

What kind of campspace will you choose during your Winter Holiday 2024?

Now that you know when this holiday is held per region, and we may have been able to give you a small idea of what the different provinces can offer you, it's time to choose an accommodation type and campspace Press the various buttons below to explore our offer by accommodation type:

Sites for tents Sites for camper vans and campers Tree houses, nature cottages and cabins Glamping tents and yurts 

Activities during the Winter Holiday

As temperatures begin to rise, spring is a fine time to get outdoors. The inclement winter weather makes way for warmer breezes, making it pleasant while hiking or cycling. If you are lucky and the sun comes through, it is even time for the first terraces of the year. 

One of the things you can do is visit one of the many country estates or castles you can find in the Netherlands. Think, for example, of Slot Loevestein. A super fun destination for families, as many activities are organised here for children. You can also opt for a fortified town, such as Naarden. Here you can combine a nice walk on the ramparts with a walk on the heath or through the woods. Another fun activity that is perfect with children during this holiday is visiting a goat farm. As soon as there are little goats, you can come and bottle feed them, how fun! A city trip is of course always fun and you can combine this very well with a stay at a camp space. 

Some types of campsites that are popular during the crocus holidays

🐄 Farm campsites 🏕 Small spring campsites 🏖 Campsites by the beach 🛶 Campsites by a river 👧 Child-friendly campsites ✨ Luxury campsites with jacuzzi or whirlpool baths

Going abroad in spring

We naturally want to encourage going on adventures close to home, as this has many times less impact on the environment. However, sometimes you want to soak up the spring sun or culture and therefore feel the need for a road trip abroad. Below you will find our offer in a number of countries where we have many campspaces. 

Campsites in Belgium Campsites in The Netherlands Campsites in Germany  Campsites in France Campsites in Denmark Campsites in Portugal Campsites in Spain Campsites in Italy

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