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Camping with Fishing

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Top countries for campsites

Want to go camping with fishing opportunities? Check out the campspaces below!

Camping with fishing near me

Above are the perfect campspaces located near lakes, rivers, or the coast for the perfect fishing opportunities! However, you can always check out the Campspace map, to see what other campsites are near you! 

Going for a fishing trip is one thing, but going camping by the water and waking up early to set up your perfect fishing spot is a whole other level! What can be better than being out in the boat, enjoying the sun and appreciating the nature all around you? Whether you’re fishing in a lake up in the mountains, fishing by the river, or out in a boat out at sea, immerse yourself in the nature and appreciate the landscapes. Listen to the water splash against your boat, 

Going camping and fishing is perfect for families with kids! It’s a perfect activity for everyone to try, and you can teach your kids how to handle fish with care, the different types of fish, and perhaps a bit of patience too!

Sustainable fishing

As this is also a camping trip, ensure that you’re only keeping the fish you need! Fishing is great for a sustainable dinner and to spend time doing what you enjoy. However, don’t take more from nature than you’re going to use. Practice the good catch-and-release if you simply just want to see if you can catch any fish! 

Combine fishing with some foraging as you can make a lovely wild-plant salad to go well with your self prepared dish! If you want more inspiration on camping meals, check out our list of dinner meals. Test your culinary skills while you enjoy a campfire cooked fish dish!

So what are you waiting for? Bring your fishing poles and head over to a campspace!

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