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Camping in Autumn

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Do you want to go camping in autumn? These campspaces are the place to go!

Camping Autumn

The leaves are turning yellow and the hot summer nights are changing into cozy rainy days. And although the weather outside is a bit unpredictable it is somehow adding this fresh feeling to everything around. That makes it the perfect time to enjoy camping in autumn and reconnect with nature.

The best way to do so is by choosing secluded but homy spaces further in the forest or hidden away on someone's farm. Pick a place that you think would make you feel united with nature and where you can be comfortable. Moreover, look for something ‘waterproof’ since you never know when the fresh autumn rain can reach you. Another thing worth noticing, is that autumn can be quite grey, so strive for a place with lots of activities around or on site. It would make you feel more motivated to wake up in the morning, since you will be able to explore new places and possibly learn new skills. 

Anyway, there is no better feeling than waking up in a tent after a rainy night when the grass seems even greener, and the fresh air just makes you dizzy. Get a big warm cup of coffee and enjoy the almost-unnoticeable bird humming and the treetops rustling. And in the evening the warming campfire will feel as the best remedy for autumn blues. You can cook some smores or just sit around talking with your companions about your plans for the next months. There is just something about camping in autumn that can’t compare with any other types of camping.

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