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Autumn holidays 2024: spend your days off in nature!

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Last minute trip for autumn holidays 2024? Have a unique Campspace experience during your fall break in nature.

Autumn holidays 2024: make the most of autumn

Looking for a fine destination for your autumn holidays 2024? Campspace is the place to go! The places you can book through Campspace are all unique. If you like camping in colder temperatures, you can pitch your tent at one of our hosts' backyards. Prefer something more comfortable? Then choose a camper pitch or go glamping! There are also plenty of cute tiny houses, cabins and yurts where you can cozy and warm your autumn adventure. 

Whatever your preference, every camp space is suitable for nature lovers and people looking for unique experiences.  You will hardly come across large mass campsites. Sometimes you will be in someone's backyard, at other times in someone's backyard on a farm, and at yet another place you will be in the middle of the forest. In the morning, the birds wake you up and you can join them for a fresh organic breakfast with products from our own garden. Whatever you want to do during the autumn break 2024, you will find all kinds of fun options on this page! When autumn holidays 2024?

It's sometimes a bit confusing, because when exactly does everyone in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe have autumn holidays 2024? This varies by region, so pay attention when you go to book something. For the dates of Autumn Break 2024, it's a good idea to visit government websites, where this information is listed by region. If you live in the Netherlands in 2024, you'll find the following:

Netherlands school fall break by region:

Autumn holidays 2024 northern provinces : October 26 to November 3

Autumn break 2024 central provinces: October 26 to November 3

Autumn break 2024 south provinces :  October 19 to October 27

Going out in the autumn holidays 2024

Those going away in autumn break 2024 are probably looking not only for a place to stay, but also ideas for activities. Here you'll find all kinds of camping activities to get you inspired, and especially for autumn, we have another small suggestion list here:

  • Find a pumpkin farm to get your own pumpkins to carve for Halloween! Not only is this fun to do, it also looks nice at your house.
  • Go to an apple farm to pick apples. For example, you can go to Landgoed de Olmenhorst to pick apples. Note: you have to make a reservation for this! 
  • Take a walk on the beach to get a breath of fresh air and then have hot chocolate at one of the stand tents.
  • On a forest walk, collect beautiful leaves to dry later, print and make a work of art with.
  • Get ready for Christmas and gather all your materials in advance for a beautiful Christmas wreath! Of course, an autumn wreath is also great fun. It will brighten up your home and give you a cosy day out. 
  • Visit a local flea market and rummage through old stuff for real vintage gems.
  • Go kite flying on the beach. 
  • Roast marshmellows over a campfire*
  • At the tent, make a delicious pumpkin soup or a drink with a pumpkin spice mix. 

Often, Campspace hosts also shower you with tips on what to do in the area. From beautiful bike rides to cosy pubs to warm up after a walk. 

Just make sure you bring enough clothes. You can still enjoy an Indian summer in autumn break 2024, but it will cool down a bit in the evening. 

A road trip through the Netherlands during the autumn holidays

By car, you can find the nicest places to stay not too far from home. Take a road trip through the country to discover all kinds of unique places. You can start in Limburg and stay in Milsbeek, at Dick's campspace. From here you can head north towards Aalten, or even further to one of Corinne's comfortable cars in Drenthe. When you stay along the German border, you can easily make day trips to Germany. You can continue your trip along the border line towards Groningen, where you'll find Bas' campspace in Oostwolde. 

Prefer a road trip through the Randstad? This is of course ideal for daily city trips. At Atse's campspace, you'll find several cosy cottages and carts. You can enjoy the surrounding nature and possibly take a trip to Amsterdam. Head towards Utrecht and Amersfoort and stay with Maartje. You can choose from several luxury cars here. If you continue to Zuid-Holland, you can book an overnight stay with Fred. Here you can stay in a wine barrel or a small house. Here you are close to Rotterdam, where you can easily spend a day with culture, art and shopping. 

Want to enjoy Zeeland during your road trip? Then consider Karien's cottage in Nisse. Here you can enjoy everything Zeeland has to offer during your autumn holiday. Of course, you can then also choose to continue your road trip to Belgium and stay in Stefan and Audrey's retro caravan. 

If these are still not enough options for you, check out the map on our website and plan your own route. Whatever you do, when you stay at a camp space you will enjoy autumn and the outdoors to the max and recharge for the working weeks that will follow. Make the most of your autumn break 2024 by booking a fun activity or taking a nice hike. 

Autumn holidays abroad

We naturally prefer to see you enjoy your autumn holidays close to home, as this is many times better for the environment. However, we can also imagine you want to get away from it all. Consider travelling by public transport to reduce your impact on the environment. Below, we have listed a few suggestions for you.

Autumn break in Belgium

Near Antwerp, you can stay in Christel's Volkswagen van. In no time you will be in Antwerp where you can eat hot waffles and enjoy delicious Belgian special beer.

Autumn break in France

You can also head to France by train and enjoy the autumn sun on a glamping trip. The average temperature in the south of France is between 17 and 21 degrees during autumn. That offers opportunities for lovely terraces during your stay. 

Stay in this beautiful hobbit cottage in France. Unique and handmade, located in nature - this is where landlord Laurianne would love to welcome you for an autumn adventure. 

Autumn holidays in Italy

Italy can also still give lovely temperatures in autumn. Near Venice you will find Maurizio's campspace, where you can stay in a wooden wagon while strolling through Venice during the day. 

City break during the autumn holidays 

Getting away from it all while discovering a new city? Make the most of your city break in a cottage just outside the city by combining it with nature. 

Within cycling distance of Amsterdam, you will find Nicole's glamping tents in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, for example. Or visit Bruges and stay in Filip's caravan. 

The beautiful Belgian town of Dinant is also worth a visit. Stay with your family or group of friends in Chalet Rosée. This idyllic cottage is perfect for a group stay during the autumn holiday 2024.

Exploring Leiden can be done from Gemma's yurt in Hoogmade. A great and unique base from where you can be in the historic centre of Leiden in no time. Visit the various museums such as the Naturalis and go shopping in this cosy student city.  

Cosy cottages during the autumn break

Cottages in nature are very popular in autumn. We have listed a few of our favourites for you. These cottages are ideal for a fairytale autumn and a nice outdoor adventure.

This pipowagen by Sanna in Gelderland has everything you need. Wonderfully secluded and simple, so you can really enjoy nature.

Stay in this restored barrack, where you can completely unwind. Host Niek is happy to welcome you in Ypres, Belgium.

This incredibly cosy yurt in Tarm, Denmark is a great destination during autumn. With the wooden stove, you can get the temperature inside the yurt nice and warm. 

MarieLouise's space is perfect for you and your children. There are all kinds of accommodation types and animals to admire. The nearby forests are also ideal for walking and cycling.

Tips for camping in the autumn holidays

Are you going camping in the autumn holidays 2024? With these tips, you can make yourself a little more comfortable. 

1. Bring several layers of clothing

Don't forget to bring layers of clothing. Then you can walk around with some thinner clothes during the day and put on your cardigan or jacket in the evening when it is a bit colder. That way it's never too hot or too cold. A handy tip is to use the three-layer method. First wear thermal underwear, a jumper on top and a waterproof jacket on top. Are you too hot during the day? Remove one of the layers. It's that easy.

Wool is one of the best materials when it gets colder outside. This is because this natural product retains heat a lot longer than synthetic materials. Most brands that use this kind of natural product clearly state how their animals are treated. There are also more and more brands that use recycled down when producing their winter coats. This natural product also retains warmth many times better, making it nice for the cold-weather lovers among us. 

2. Sleep warm during autumn holidays 2024

It can get quite cold in the evening during autumn. Therefore, always bring a good sleeping bag with a comfort temperature that suits the weather. Not only your sleeping bag is important, because if you are lying on the cold ground, your sleeping bag can be so thick - you will still get cold. Pay attention to the insulation value of your sleeping mat and put an extra insulation mat underneath if necessary. Some adventurers put towels or other clothing (for the day) in their sleeping bag, as this will keep you warmer than a half-empty sleeping bag. 

Above all, get advice in an outdoor specialist shop to make the right choice when buying a new item.

3. Eat well

By eating regularly while camping in autumn holiday 2024, you will keep your body warm. So eat several small meals, because that way you are less likely to get cold. A thermos of nice hot tea is also nice to have with you. 

Of course, what helps best is to be active. Go skipping rope or take a nice autumn walk. Again, try to make sure you don't sweat too much, as sweat cools down quickly once you stand still.

4. Use a small tent

Did you know that it is easier to get warm in a smaller tent than in a big one? There is less cold air and so your body heat is enough as a heat source. Of course, your partner and you can also use each other's body heat. Cosy and romantic.

Which campsite for the autumn holidays 2024 will you choose? 

Tip: Check out our campsites in the woods. Would you like to get ready for winter in the autumn holidays 2024? Then check out the winter campsites. Specifically looking for a place for the kids? Then check out our child-friendly campsites. 

A fun fact. The autumn holiday used to be called the potato holiday in the Netherlands!

Dutch children were given time off so they could help in the fields with the potato harvest. Their help was badly needed, so a holiday was provided for it. This eventually came under increasing criticism and after the ban on child labour was introduced, children could fortunately start enjoying this holiday. 

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