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Bell-tent stays

Are you looking for a beautiful bell-tent stay for your next glamping adventure? Through Campspace you will find many unique places for a special experience.

Bell-tent stays

Campsite with a bell-tent

You will find various campsites with a bell-tent via Campspace. You have some places all to yourself and other places are cozy with several tents. It depends on what you're looking for, but we will have it for you. You will find these places all over the UK, but you can also find places in other European countries with a bell-tent for a unique and pleasant holiday.

The best thing about Campspace is that places are always small-scale. Even if there are several places to book, it will never be very massive. That way you are assured of a cozy holiday. Many tents are also just with people on private property, for example with someone in the garden. That makes the experience extra special, as it will make you meet new and super friendly people. The hosts are always very hospitable and are happy to tell you more about the area. In addition, they also contribute to our goal of continuing to make the travel industry more sustainable. When you rent a bell-tent through Campspace, it is always with a host who has sustainability in mind and who also anticipates this with solar energy, their own vegetable garden, waste separation and much more.

Activities during your holiday

Camping in a bell-tent is not only a great experience. At Campspace we believe that your entire holiday should be unique. That is why we encourage you to look for fun outdoor outings in the area. Take a walk, get on a mountain bike, rent a kayak or go surfing. It helps to ask the host for tips. They know the area like no other and are happy to provide you with the right tips.

Do you already feel like a bell-tent stay is the best idea for your next holiday? Book your spot quickly! You can also use sleeping in a tipi or sleeping in a yurt. But you can also have a look at our other campsites in the UK. In this way you can be sure of a nice holiday!

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